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Iwona Arent, PiS MP, returns to political activity. Earlier, she was suspended due to family matters, her son was charged with beatings

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Law and Justice MP Iwona Arent announced during a press conference that she was returning to political activity, which she had suspended at the beginning of July due to her family situation. It was related to the fact that the MP’s son and his friend heard allegations of beating a woman. – During this time, I have arranged all family matters and therefore I can return to active activity – said Arent.

On Sunday in Mrągowo, Iwona Arent participated in a press conference – together with the head of the Government Analysis Center Norbert Maliszewski – on the planned renovation and restoration of line No. 223, which were included in the draft of the National Railway Program until 2030 (with a perspective until 2032) . It was Arent’s first press conference since her statement published on July 6, in which she announced that due to the family situation she had decided to suspension of political activity.

Earlier, the 29-year-old son of the MP was charged by the prosecutor’s office in Olsztyn with the beating of a woman. “Super Express” published a video indicating that it was a recording of a beating.

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Arent: I can return to active activity

When asked if attending the conference meant suspending political activity, Arent indicated that in her statement she explained that she was suspending political activity because she had to deal with family matters. Therefore, during the time that I was away, I was not politically active. Of course, my official duties imposed on me by the regulations of the Sejm, the act – I performed, because I am responsible for the performance of duties, this is my job – Arent told journalists. However, I suspended my public and political activities. During this time, I took care of all family matters and therefore I can return to active activity – she declared. She declared that she wanted to devote her work and activity to what she had done before, i.e. supporting the inhabitants of Warmia and Mazury. When asked if she was considering taking part in the upcoming elections, she replied: – I do not rule it out.

Beating and allegations against the MP’s son

According to the prosecutor’s office, on June 24, Paulina C. was beaten in Olsztyn. Two people were detained in connection with this case: Michał A. and Magdalena T. Heard allegations of killing another person.

On June 27, the Olsztyn-Południe District Prosecutor’s Office decided to apply libertarian preventive measures to both suspects in the form of police supervision and a ban on contacting and approaching the victim. The case is pending. The proceedings are conducted by the Municipal Police Headquarters in Olsztyn under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office.

In early July, Arent emphasized in an interview with tvn24.pl that her son “is an adult, leads an independent life and is not a public person.” “I am not involved in this matter,” she said. As she said at the time, she only knew her son’s account. – He does not admit to the beating. He claims the other person did it. This girl robbed him, so he met up with her and demanded his money back. He got carried away by his nerves and pulled her hair and spat on her, but did not hit her – argued Arent at the time.

Later, “Super Express” published a recording of the event on its website, stating that the injured “small girl was tortured by a well-built friend Michał A., who recorded these scenes and encouraged her to beat”.

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Suspension of political activity by a PiS MP

On July 6, in the evening, MP Arent posted a statement on Twitter: “I would like to inform you that due to my family situation, I have decided to suspend my political activity. Devotion to difficult family matters prevents me from carrying out social activities and requires me to focus solely on the role of the mother,” she wrote.

“I am shocked by the latest media information. They require a full explanation and in no way can be justified. Absolutely no form of physical and psychological violence should take place against anyone, especially women,” she stressed.

She added that “the natural instinct of every mother is to defend her child.” “However, I cannot let emotions prevail over the facts. I speculated unnecessarily about the course of the event, not knowing its circumstances, thus misleading the public. Even maternal care does not explain it. I am sorry for that,” she stressed. “At the same time, as a woman and mother, I am asking you to refrain from using these dramatic events in a political dispute,” the MP appealed in a statement.

Iwona Arent’s statement from July 6

The day after that, PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek was asked in Wirtualna Polska what in practice means the MP’s suspension of activity – whether she will resign, leave the club or resign from running in the elections. – I don’t read it that way. I read that he will abstain from public activity, because public activity is an element of political activity. She is an MP, she has statutory duties that she must fulfill. I don’t think she will evade them, PiS spokesman said at the time.

Member of Parliament for many years

Iwona Arent is a Member of Parliament for several terms of office. She joined Law and Justice in 2002. She entered the Sejm for the first time in 2006, taking over the mandate after Aleksander Szczygiel, who became the head of the Chancellery of the President. She ran unsuccessfully for a seat in the European Parliament several times. In 2022, she became the representative of the PiS Olsztyn district.

Main photo source: Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

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