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Izabela Leszczyna about alcohol at gas stations. “The monkeys must stay”

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– These unfortunate monkeys at gas stations must unfortunately remain, but do we really have to buy alcohol at gas stations at night? – Izabela Leszczyna asked in “Fakty po Faktach”. The Minister of Health announced a ban on the sale of alcohol. She also talked about a pilot program that is intended to prevent visits to specialists from being canceled.

The guest of “Fakty po Faktach” was the Minister of Health and vice-chairman of the Civic Platform Izabela Leszczyna. She spoke, among other things, about the announcement of a ban on the sale of alcohol at gas stations.

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Leszczyna admitted that she received an analysis from the Ministry of Finance, which “shows that alcohol is most often sold around 11 p.m., midnight, or 1 a.m.” – All receipts (from the sale – ed.) of alcohol constitute approximately 5 percent of all receipts. Revenues from alcohol in the total revenues of gas stations average about 1 percent, which means the stations will not lose, we are not attacking the business – explained the Minister of Health.

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Izabela Leszczyna in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

Hazel: unfortunately, the monkeys have to stay

– For me, it is controversial that you can buy alcohol at gas stations. (…) You can buy these unfortunate little bottles, called monkeys, which stand ready for consumption in refrigerators. Unfortunately, I cannot prohibit this, because it is EU law on packaging. These monkeys must unfortunately remain, but do we really have to buy alcohol at gas stations at night? – she asked the minister.

– All research in the world clearly shows that alcohol abuse is harmful. You can limit alcohol consumption in two ways: by limiting economic availability, which is what the Minister of Finance is responsible for, and the second way is by limiting local availability, she explained.

Anyone who doesn't cancel will fall to the end of the line

Leszczyna announced a pilot system that would reduce the problem of patients not canceling appointments that remain unused. Uncancelled visits are one of the reasons why queues to specialists are lengthening.

– The pilot project will most likely start in July (…), it is an extremely complicated IT system. This cannot be implemented throughout Poland. We are introducing a pilot program for central registration. We will invite medical entities, hospitals and outpatient specialist care to sign up for this pilot and to create such central records with us, said Leszczyna.

She said part of the system would be to make it easier to cancel appointments via text message. – I don't anticipate financial penalties, there would probably be huge resistance. But surely someone who doesn't cancel their visit will fall to the end of the queue. I think it will be a chilling element, she said.

Leszczyna: PLN 550,000 fine for refusing legal abortion at the Pabianice Medical CenterTVN24

Hazel: the department must terminate the pregnancy

The minister also referred to recent reports about the penalty imposed on the Pabianice Medical Center, which refused to perform an abortion. – The hospital has no right to refuse services to a patient if this service is included in the guaranteed benefits package. (…) If a patient comes with a certificate from a doctor that her pregnancy poses a threat to her health or life, the department must perform an abortion, she said.

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Leszczyna emphasized that the inspection is carried out by the National Health Fund and the Patient Ombudsman, but as the Minister of Health she asked for clarification on this matter. – These tests (patients – ed.) were complete, they were consulted with a national genetics consultant. In my opinion, this case is obvious, but since we live in a state of law, the healthcare entity has the right to appeal and, of course, it can do so, said the head of the Ministry of Health.

She added that two further inspections in connection with the refusal to have an abortion “will soon be completed.” – I'm afraid we will have to impose a penalty too. I hope that directors and doctors will understand that the law really applies and must be followed, she said.

– If we are talking about the conscience clause, doctors know perfectly well (…) that the conscience clause ceases to have any significance when the patient's life or health needs to be saved – added the minister.

Leszczyna: the hospital has no right to refuse to provide guaranteed services

Leszczyna: the hospital has no right to refuse to provide services from the guaranteed benefits packageTVN24

Fentanyl in Poland. “I forwarded the report to law enforcement agencies”

In Poland, the police have already confirmed several deaths caused by fentanyl. Over the last several months, the police have conducted 20 preparatory proceedings related to fentanyl, and 22 suspects have been identified.

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Leszczyna said she met with the Prime Minister last week Donald Tusk and boss Ministry of Interior and Administrationcoordinator of special services Tomasz Siemoniak due to disturbing signals about fentanyl. – The Prime Minister, of course, asked me what the situation was, so I prepared such information for the Prime Minister. Both me and Minister Siemoniak were ordered to introduce solutions and act. We have introduced two solutions, said Leszczyna.

– Yesterday I signed the order of the Minister of Health on constant monitoring of the issuance and filling of prescriptions for psychotropic and opioid drugs – she said.

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When asked if health department has any reservations or evidence that prescriptions for these opioids are being issued contrary to their intended use, the guest of “Fakty po Faktach” replied that she received the first report today. – I can only say that I have already forwarded it (the report – ed.) to law enforcement authorities and the police have grounds to initiate operational activities – said Leszczyna.

Main photo source: TVN24

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