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Izera. What about Polish electric cars? “There was a lot of talk, very little done.”

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What’s next for the Jizera factory? The new government also needs to make a decision regarding this investment. For now, it’s time for an audit. One of PiS’s flagship projects has already cost PLN 300 million. And there is neither a factory nor a million Polish electricians on Great Danes. Instead, the forest has been cleared.

It was supposed to be a Polish dream car, but the dream of a Polish car may remain, because Izera, or rather its entire venture, including the announced factory near Jaworzno, is to be audited. – We need to prepare an opening balance sheet, check what stage the project is at and make a final decision on what to do with it – says Minister of Science Dariusz Wieczorek from the New Left.

The investment has clearly slowed down and is at a crossroads. The question is what’s next. The decision will be made by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, and serious questions are being asked there right away. – Is it feasible given the fact that a lot has been said and very little has been done? So there is a lot of propaganda built around it, and in fact, if you look closely, the investment process has started on some micro scale – emphasizes Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy.

Izera. Patryk Mikiciuk from TVN Turbo about the first Polish electric carTVN24

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Many questions

There were also comments that the audit was an excuse to drown Izera – one of the great projects of the rule of Law and Justice -. – I do not deprive anyone of the right to check the decisions of their predecessors, but I also do not want a situation in which any audits will be used to close all projects that were implemented in Poland – appeals Andrzej Kolorowniak from PiS. – We proposed large development projects. Have you found at least one such person in this coalition? Even with a question mark? There is none. All those proposed by Law and Justice are to be audited, which means, implicitly, liquidated – adds Zbigniew Kuźmiuk from PiS.

PiS politicians are talking, among other things, about the audit of the Central Communication Port, which is still mainly on paper or a model and is also audited and criticized by the current government.

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Not only is there grass growing where the factory was supposed to be, but nearly PLN 280 million has been spent on this project since 2016, and in the original plans, as many as one million zlotys were to be driven next year – on Polish and not only Polish roads. – The project is in the implementation phase. Meanwhile, all these investments are currently being liquidated one by one, Poland is being folded – says Marcin Warchoł from Sovereign Poland.

The Chinese – one of the leaders in the production of electric cars in the world – who are the supplier of technology for the Izera car, want to support the project. They offered greater involvement in the factory in Jaworzno – including increasing production from 100,000 to even 300,000 cars a year. But most of this production would not be Izeras, but Volvos and Smarts owned by the Chinese – also electric. – Perhaps in addition to the car factory, there will also be a battery factory, so for this reason we should take a closer look at it – says Dariusz Wieczorek.

Author:Michał Gołębiowski

Main photo source: Izera.pl

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