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Jacek Czaputowicz on the referendum on election day. Tomasz Siemoniak comments

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I listen to Jacek Czaputowicz attentively because he knows what PiS politicians are aiming for – said Tomasz Siemoniak, vice-chairman of the Civic Platform in “Kropka nad i”, who referred to the words of the former head of diplomacy in the PiS government. As he added, “when he sounds the alarm, it means he knows.”

Former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the PiS government Jacek Czaputowicz warned on Tuesday on TVN24 that the upcoming elections “may be challenged”. This is about combining the parliamentary elections with the referendum and the need to record which voter refused to accept the referendum card. According to Czaputowicz, this is a violation of the principle of voting secrecy.

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Czaputowicz: the system was created in such a way as to stigmatize those who do not collect the cardTVN24

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Down Representatives of the National Electoral Commission commented on Czaputowicz’s words on Wednesday. – In recent days, Mr. Jacek Czaputowicz has been disseminating in the public space a lot of untrue, unauthorized, unfounded, offensive and, above all, information that undermines the authority of the National Electoral Commission – said the head of the NEC, Sylwester Marciniak.

“When he sounds the alarm, it means he knows”

This matter was commented on in Thursday’s edition of “Kropka nad i” by the vice-chairman of the Civic Platform Tomasz Siemoniak, former head of the Ministry of National Defense. – I listen to Jacek Czaputowicz attentively because he functioned in this heart of darkness, that is, with PiS politicians, and he knows what they are aiming at, he knows what they were talking about. After all, he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, this is one of the most important functions in the government, he said.

Tomasz Siemoniak in “Kropka nad i”TVN24

At the same time, he noted that Czaputowicz “also did a lot of bad things in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” – That’s the truth. He allowed these purges, he allowed various things to happen there. But today, when he sounds the alarm, it means he knows, he said.

– Mrs. editor, me or most of our TV viewers do not know what is going on in PiS on Nowogrodzka, what they think about, what they have in their heads. Czaputowicz knows and is sounding the alarm today – added Siemoniak.

Siemoniak: In the Polish People’s Republic, people were afraid. And we come back to the same place

When asked about the NEC’s reaction to Czaputowicz’s words, Siemoniak replied: “What can the NEC chairman say here?” – The point is that PiS decided that the referendum would be a vehicle for electoral victory and linked it with the elections. PiS is trying to campaign around it, because there are no financial or other restrictions, he said.

– And I don’t know why the chairman of the National Electoral Commission is criticizing Mr. Czaputowicz, because he is talking about something completely different. About the fact that PiS has introduced a structure that threatens free elections. This is what this conversation is about – emphasized the PO politician.

Jacek Czaputowicz was the head of diplomacy for over two yearsTymon Markowski/MFA

Speaking about noting the refusal to accept the referendum card, Siemoniak said that “this is a violation of the secrecy of the elections.” – And many people may have a problem with this, because we remember how it was in the Polish People’s Republic, when people were forced to vote. People were afraid that if it was indicated that they had not voted in various elections to the Sejm or the so-called national councils, then they would have trouble in the workplace. And we’re going back to the same place.

Siemoniak: I can sit down for a debate with Paweł Kukiz

The guest of “Kropka nad i” also referred to those announced on Thursday PiS “number one” on the lists for the Sejm. Siemoniak, who will open the list of the Civic Coalition in Opole, will fight for voters’ votes, among others, Paweł Kukiz.

– I expected such a rival candidate, although in PiS the fair probably lasted until the last moment, because even those who produced the boards under the president made a mistake – he said PO MPReferring to mishaps during the PiS conference.

– I think that these PiS letters showed all the conflicts, Morawiecki’s people were buried somewhere, also the last moment, because the president was waiting for yesterday’s session of the Sejm. I think that here those who expected some power from PiS were disappointed – said Siemoniak.

Siemoniak: I can sit down for a debate with Paweł Kukiz

Siemoniak: I can sit down for a debate with Paweł Kukiz TVN24

When asked if he was afraid of Kukiz, Siemoniak replied that he did not know him and had never talked to him. – I know the songs, he definitely sings better than me. However, in politics he follows a very winding path, I am not afraid of him at all, he said. – I hope that there will be no aggression in this campaign in the Opole Voivodeship, we will talk about the last eight years and the next years – he added.

Siemoniak also declared that he was ready for a possible debate with Kukiz. – Of course, he’s number one, I have no problem sitting with him – he said.

Main photo source: Tymon Markowski/MFA

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