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Jacek Sasin and people in state-owned companies – Wołomin

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Jacek Sasin delegated at least 40 people to state-owned companies, according to the findings of “Gazeta Wyborcza”, Onet and Radio ZET. That is why “Wyborcza” described the deputy prime minister and minister of state assets as “cadre from Wołomin”. In total, at least 900 people who sit on the management and supervisory boards of state-owned companies are associated with the politicians of the United Right. How does it work on the example of Jacek Sasin? Material from the program “Polska i Świat” on TVN24, by Dawid Rydzek.

The town hall in Wołomin may look inconspicuous, but it is a real workforce for one of the most important ministries and the largest companies of the State Treasury. – Jacek Sasin spent the winter there until he won the parliamentary seat, and today the people who stretched out their hands to him at that time (…) today are conquering State Treasury companies and key companies – says Kamil Dziubka from Onet.

Key to who will be employed in managerial positions in state-owned companies under the PiS rule, he suggests joint investigation of Radio ZET, “Gazeta Wyborcza” and Onet – there is this office. Or rather, what happened there a decade ago, when Ryszard Madziar from Law and Justice ruled the town. It was in his town hall, after the change in the presidential palace, that Jacek Sasin found a job.

– I am also not surprised that the prime minister (Sasin – editor) delegates trusted persons to supervise state-owned companies for which the prime minister is responsible – says Piotr Uściński, PiS MP, former Wołomin staroste. Uściński had the opportunity to work with both the mayor Madziar and Jacek Sasin.


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Jacek Sasin – State Treasury companies

Ryszard Madziar, as mayor 11 years ago, made Jacek Sasin a representative for social affairs from Wołomin. Jacek Sasin, already as the minister of state assets under the PiS rule, gave the same Ryszard Madziar the position of the head of his ministry’s political cabinet. He shares this work for the man who supervises most of the State Treasury companies with sitting on the supervisory boards of Tauron, Totalizator Sportowy and – as reported by Polityka – advising the management board of Bank Pekao. In the subsidiary of the State Treasury company, the president is also the wife of the former mayor of Wołomin.

With Wojciech Dąbrowski – today the head of PGE – Jacek Sasin, shoulder to shoulder at the conference, fought not to close the Turów mine, and previously cooperated with him when he was the vice president of the Wołomiński Zakład Energetyki Cieplnej. Journalists of three editorial offices counted at least a dozen such promotions from the local government near Warsaw or local government companies.

– There is no coincidence that the Ministry of the Treasury in many places reaches for people from the Wołomin poviat (…), only the most important thing is to be guided by competences when nominating, and sometimes these competences do not exist, and this is the greatest lack that should be stigmatized – claims Krzysztof Gawkowski, MP from the Left, former councilor of Wołomin.

– I think it is natural for us to climb the career ladder and surround ourselves with trusted associates. These are people who (…) have proven themselves at the level of the city hall, I am not surprised that Jacek Sasin promotes his closest associates and wants to continue to cooperate with them – explains Przemysław Czarnecki, MP from PiS.

The Deputy Prime Minister himself and the Minister of State Assets in May 2020 boasted that “we managed to make State Treasury companies serve citizens”. However, none of Jacek Sasin’s former or current associates employed in state-owned companies, nor the deputy prime minister himself wanted to talk in front of the camera.

Main photo source: PAP / Marcin Obara

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