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Jacek Sasin in “Kropka nad i” about the immunities of Michał Woś and Marcin Romanowski and the cooperation of Paulina Matysiak with Marcin Horała

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– Romanowski can be accused of one thing – the only question is whether this is an accusation – he supported voters in his constituency using public funds at his disposal – said former Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin (PiS). Sasin also said that he saw “no reason” to vote for lifting Michał Woś's immunity. He also commented on the cooperation of Paulina Matysiak from the Razem party with Marcin Horała. – I am pleased with this initiative because it shows that there can be some normality in politics – he said.

He was a guest of “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 Jacek Sasin, PiS MPformer Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State Assets.

He was asked, among other things, about lifting the immunity of former deputy ministers of justice. He admitted that he would not vote to lift Michał Woś's immunity because “he sees no reason”. – This matter is completely clear to me – he said. – (Woś – ed.) agreed to transfer money to a public institution, which is Central Anticorruption Bureauin a matter that also raises no doubts in my mind, i.e. the purchase of the Pegasus system to pursue criminals – he said.

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When asked if he saw any irregularities in the fact that money from the Justice Fund was used to purchase the software, he replied: – What's wrong with prosecuting criminals? This is in the interests of crime victims.

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Jacek Sasin guest of “Kropka nad i”TVN24

Sasin: Romanowski can be accused of one thing

The Sejm also received a motion to lift the immunity and temporarily arrest another former deputy minister of justice, Marcin Romanowski. Sasin admitted that “this matter must definitely be explained”. – Certain doubts have grown, although from what I know from the media, I do not see any crime here – he said.

He added that Romanowski “can definitely be accused of one thing, the only question is whether this is an accusation”. – He supported voters in his constituency, using funds at his disposal – public funds. If this is an activity in an organized criminal group, then I am afraid that all politicians would have to be recognized as an organized criminal group – he said.

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Razem MP and PiS MP. Sasin: I am happy about this initiativeTVN24

“This initiative shows that there can be some normality in politics”

The Razem party MP Paulina Matysiak launched the “Yes for Development!” Social Movement in cooperation with the PiS MP, former deputy minister Marcin Horała. In response, the Left club presidium decided to suspend her. The motion was submitted by the club's leader Anna Maria Żukowska (New Left). The Razem party also distanced itself from Matysiak's actions and announced a motion to punish her.

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Jacek Sasin assured that, unlike Paulina Matysiak, Marcin Horała will not be punished. – I am pleased with this initiative because it shows that there can be some normality in politics (…). There may be topics that unite politicians of different persuasions, who argue about many things, but in a case like this, they can speak with one voice and there is absolutely nothing strange about it – he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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