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Jacek Sasin promised that PGZ would deal with toxic waste. “Until it disappears, no one believes it”

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There is a government reaction to the journalistic investigation of TVN24 reporters. Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa is to utilize the toxic waste of the state-owned Nitro-Chem. In Chabielice there is hope that life will return without fear, but not only the inhabitants suffer from illegally dumped waste.

24 days have passed since the premiere of the report “Red waters” on TVN24. It showed people’s lives in the shadow of illegal chemical waste dumps. Some of them, as proved by journalists, came from the state-owned company Nitro-Chem.

– Together with the management board of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, we decided that Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa would once again assume the burden of disposing of this waste, said Jacek Sasin, Minister of State Assets. – Great joy, hope for a better tomorrow. That everything will end in the end and we will be able to live normally – evaluates the decision of the rulers Karolina Leszczyk, who lives at the landfill in Chabielice. Journalists also do not hide their joy, although they know that the squares will not be empty overnight and that all this is one great threat.

Statement by Nitro-Chem after the minister’s announcement TVN24

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The assurances of those in power

The so-called red waters are waste from the TNT production process. Waste that was and is stored in swellable and exploding containers, the contents of which end up in groundwater and can bring disease and death. – Reproductive problems, cancer, a whole long list of diseases that these dangerous substances can cause, and it’s all happening every day. These substances affect the environment, affect people – assures Filip Folczak, TVN24 journalist and co-author of the report, who adds that Nitro-Chem was aware of the problem.

Today, Nitro-Chem is the aggrieved party in the prosecutor’s proceedings, but the victims are primarily the inhabitants of the towns where these warehouses are located. In Częstochowa and Rogowiec, the local authorities are asking whether today’s declaration of the minister has any causative power or is it about something else. – Until it disappears, no one believes in it – says Wojciech Gaszewski, mayor of Rogowiec village.

Watch the reportage “Red waters” on TVN24 GO

– The fact that waste in several cities comes from state-owned companies has been known for several months – alerts Piotr Grzybowski, vice-president of Częstochowa.

Who disposes of waste correctly?

Only the waste from Nitro-Chem – not too soon, because the prosecutor’s proceedings are pending – are to be utilized by the Polish Armaments Group. – This is really a drop in the ocean of needs, because there are several hundred, over 400 such landfills.

What about the rest of the waste? Who will guarantee that the disposal of hazardous chemical waste will not look like what we have shown many times over the years in reports? – There are many garbage criminals in Poland who will take the huge money that is for the disposal of really toxic waste, and simply taking advantage of the fact that no one will control it, they will pour it into the ground – warns Jarosław Jabrzyk, editor-in-chief of “Superwizjer” ” TVN. This is the best proof that the control of waste, the control of its disposal, is pure fiction.

Main photo source: TVN24

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