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Jacek Siewiera: Article 5. NATO is different in Munich in all cases

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There is no doubt among the allies that Article 3 and Article 5 of NATO are in full force, said the head of the National Security Bureau, Jacek Siewier, in the capital of Bavaria at the 60th Munich Security Conference in the “One on One” program. He assessed that “Allied relations are absolutely in the best condition, both bilaterally and within the North Atlantic Alliance.”

– NATO’s Article 5 (of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – ed.) here in Munich is inflected in all cases. There is no doubt among the allies that both Article 3 and Article 5 are fully valid, said Jacek Siewiera.

As he added, “even countries that have not yet fulfilled their obligations under Article 3, which appears first in the Washington Treaty, are already declaring, in the face of a reality that is constantly deteriorating and escalating, improving their commitment to investing in their own security, in its armed forces.

– Both Article 5 and other obligations are absolutely irrevocable – he added.

To more effectively achieve the objectives of this Treaty, the Parties, individually and collectively, through constant and effective self-help and mutual assistance, will maintain and develop their individual and collective capacity to resist armed attack.

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About Trump’s words

Sierwiera was asked about the words Donald Trumpwho recently said at a campaign rally in South Carolina that would not come to the aid of an ally that does not spend enough on defense and would encourage Russiafor her to do with him as she pleases.

The head of the National Security Bureau assured that “Polish-American relations and allied relations are absolutely in the best condition, both bilaterally and within the North Atlantic Alliance.”

– It is not the role of the head of the National Security Bureau to comment on the former’s words President of the United States and perhaps the presidential candidate of our main, most important ally, the guarantor of this immediate assistance and the effective assistance that we receive and have received from the very beginning war in Ukraine – he emphasized. He added that “these words should undoubtedly be understood through the prism of the internal political debate in the United States.”

– The alliance of Poland and the United States is an unwavering alliance. These relations have never been so good, and no matter who sits in the White House, no matter who holds power in Warsaw, this message about the stability and indissolubility of this bond must also resound very strongly here in Munich, especially in towards Moscow – he argued.

Trump on NATO allies: Don’t they pay? Let Russia do with them as it pleasesReuters, TVN24

As he assessed. “If US presidential candidate Donald Trump says he will check who spends how much on defense, he is very right.” – We should do it every month, every quarter, every year. And state leaders and political administrations of these countries should do it every week, he argued.

He pointed out that “we live in a world that is undergoing transformation before our eyes.” – It happens in an extremely dynamic way. In fact, there is no day that does not bring events that shake the foundations of the security of the Western world, which we have been living in for decades, and which we have shaped. And today, in this reality, security issues, spending issues, issues of responsibility for Europe’s security should be verified by the political leadership of states, at briefings and briefings with the heads of secret services, in presidential palaces, in prime ministers’ palaces, every week on Monday, 7.30 a.m. – said Siewiera .

“Article 5 is sacred”

When asked whether the President of the Republic of Poland imagines that Poland, at the moment when Article 5 has to be applied, wonders whether an allied country that needs help paid more than 2 percent of GDP for armaments, Siewiera repeated that “Article 5 is sanctity”. – Just like the entire treaty and all its provisions, it should be treated absolutely seriously – he emphasized.

– When it comes to the issue of Poland’s allied assistance, it should be emphasized that our neighbors, primarily the Baltic countries, primarily the Finns, i.e. those countries that are in a similar security situation, a similar geopolitical situation as Poland, and are similarly threatened by Russian imperialism , they perceive this threat similarly and their reaction is correct – he said. He pointed out that spending on arms in these countries “far exceeds 2 percent.” – And we are fortunate to be neighbors with such allies – added the head of the National Security Bureau.

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