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Jacek Siewiera, head of the National Security Bureau: Russia’s weapons production capacity will increase

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The head of the National Security Bureau, Jacek Siewiera, who took part in a meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Brussels with national security advisers, assessed that Russia’s weapons production capacity will increase in the near future. He said that the West must respond by developing its own production and show that it is determined to undertake an effective defense operation.

– It is no secret to most analytical centers in the West that the three-year perspective is the one in which the Russian Federation is very intensively increasing and trying to increase its weapons production capacity, including the production of up to 100 cruise missiles per month – said Jacek Siewiera, who in In Brussels, he participated in a meeting of the North Atlantic Council as national security advisers.

– Awareness of the low quality of the components from which these missiles are manufactured means that the risk of incidents related to airspace violations – even unintentional ones – increases exponentially. From this point of view, the production capacity of the Russian Federation will increase in the near future, warned the head of the National Security Bureau.

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Jacek Siewiera

Weapons production a “key component”

Siewiera said political leadership Russia “he also does not hide his ambition to mobilize military personnel to the level of 1.3 million soldiers in the coming time.” – In this context, the coming three years are a time in which Western countries, the countries of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance must adapt. They need to expand their production capacity. They must also demonstrate readiness and will to collectively undertake an effective defense operation with full determination, so as to be able to counteract possible risks and build credible deterrence, he added.

As the head of the National Security Bureau emphasized, arms production is a “key component” in this context.

– That’s why for the president (Andrzej Duda) it is so important how Poland will currently develop these capabilities. Capabilities in the production of 155 mm ammunition, the ability to produce other calibers of heavy tank ammunition in the NATO standard, but also those armaments projects that were initially announced and initiated as part of the production of K2 tanks in Poland. What will be the future of these projects? – This is extremely important from the point of view of the security of Poland and the region – said Siewiera.

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Changing threat perception

Siewiera noted that the way the leaders of the Western world perceive the threat posed by Russia has changed dramatically.

– Just as there was an Iron Curtain in Europe a few decades ago, examples of that situation are increasingly often mentioned in conversations on the sidelines of summits and meetings. Compare that situation to the situation that may await Europe in the coming time. Whether we call it a hybrid curtain or an eastern flank curtain, there is an increasing awareness that a certain demarcation is taking place on its own: from the closed border crossings on the Finnish-Russian border, through the line of fortifications of the Baltic countries – Lithuania Latvia, Estoniaup to the barrier on our eastern border, which for two years has effectively demarcated the border of two completely different cultures – he concluded.

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