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Jacek Sutryk on the situation of local governments: we are forced to look for savings, and we do not observe such actions by the state

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The Mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, spoke on TVN24 about “two dangerous processes” that affect local governments. The capital of Lower Silesia – as he said – pays for them “a bill of one billion zlotys”. – On the one hand, local governments are forced to cut expenses in order to look for savings. On the other hand, we do not fully observe a similar operation of the Polish state – said Sutryk.

On Monday, Jacek Sutryk, the mayor of Wrocław, was the guest of “One for One” on TVN24. He was asked about the situation of local governments in the face of high prices inflation and tall energy prices.

– The situation is getting worse. Everything that we have been witnessing for a long time is to be expected to escalate. On the one hand, local governments – also through state policy – are forced to cut expenses in order to look for savings. (…) On the other hand, we are not fully observing a similar action of the Polish state – he said.

In his opinion, “what will happen in the fall and next year will be dangerous for all of us.”

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– We are currently observing two dangerous processes. For many months, reducing the influence of local governments and depriving us of the main source of our own income, i.e. income from PIT tax. At the same time, not compensating for these losses. In the case of Wrocław, this process has already caused a loss of PLN 300-400 million – Sutryk said.

The second process, he continued, “is rising energy, gas and gasoline prices, higher labor costs.” – All this means that in a city such as Wrocław the scale of these losses in own income and, at the same time, the city’s higher maintenance costs, that is, a bill of one billion zlotys – he said.

– I talk to colleagues from other local governments and each of us experiences exactly the same problem, the same challenges. And this affects our inhabitants. Today, the Polish state, inviting the local government to cooperation and to talks, should look for an idea for an anti-inflation shield for local governments, that is simply for our residents, said the Mayor of Wrocław.

Main photo source: TVN24

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