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Jackson, USA. An evening walk of a grizzly bear family. It was recorded by police monitoring

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Five grizzly bears – a mother and four children – were walking near a police station in the city of Jackson, Wyoming. With the support of a wildlife conservation agency, they were driven to a less populated area. Both the police and the employees of the organization are concerned about the behavior of the bear family.

The grizzled bear and her four cubs went for a night walk in the city of Jackson in northwest Wyoming. The animals are already well known to wildlife watchers, but have now attracted even more attention. The hike was captured by surveillance cameras on Tuesday at the local police station.

Famous she-bear

Police posted the video on social media on Wednesday. The bear family was driven to a less populated area with the support of the government’s wildlife conservation agency, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, it added in a special statement.

Niedźwiedzica – Grizli No. 399 – has been known in the region for years. She is part of a research conducted in the region and she was given a special tag earring. As it is native to Yellowstone National Park, it is one of the most recognizable individuals of its species in the region.

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Disturbing behavior

While it may seem cute for a mother with four one-year-old bear cubs to walk around the city, their behavior has made agency officials a bit concerned. The animals attacked garbage cans, bee apiaries and feeders with food for forest fauna. It was speculated that a dangerous meeting with people could take place.

– In recent days, there has been a significant increase in the activity of five bears located near the residence and access to human food sources – said representatives of the US Fish and Wildlife Service on Sunday, even before the incident at the police station.

Experts caught three out of four bear cubs. Two were fitted with tracking collars in the hope that knowing the location would help prevent possible problems.

The inhabitants of the area were called upon to exercise caution and to store litter, bird feeders and other food in such a way that they would not attract predators.

Grizli living within Yellowstone are protected under the Endangered Species Act. At the beginning of the 1970s, about 100 individuals lived in the region. Today it is estimated that the population has grown to over 1,000 bears.

Main photo source: ENEX

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