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Jagodno stood out again. Its inhabitants decided to choose Izabela Bodnar

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In the Jagodno housing estate in Wrocław, famous for its night queues to vote in the October 15 parliamentary elections, voters voted more often for Third Way's candidate – Izabela Bodnar. Fewer votes were cast there for the current president of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk. These two will face each other in the second round of elections on April 21.

The seat of the Jagodno estate council is at ul. Jagodzińska 15 is a place that has become a legend. During the parliamentary elections on October 15 last year, long queues of people willing to vote stood here. In committee no. 149, the turnout reached 88.47%. On April 7, the highest turnout in the estate was achieved in committee No. 291, it amounted to 61.30%.

“The clearly lower level of turnout than that observed in October 2023 allows us to assume that the 'temperature' of social feelings related to politics has clearly dropped. As a consequence, the level of citizen participation in local government voting is lower. It is also worth mentioning that, firstly, , the October situation in Jagodno was a kind of phenomenon that will probably be difficult to repeat, and secondly, local elections, compared to parliamentary elections, are perceived as less important, which may also explain the lower level of turnout,” said Dr. Hab. Kamil Glinka from the Institute of Political Science of the University of Wrocław.

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47.58 percent of votes for Bodnar

The election results in the Jagodno estate differed from the average for Wrocław, Bodnar won in all commissions in Jagodno. In committee no. 292, the Third Way candidate won 47.58 percent. votes against 24.70 percent voters voting for Jacek Sutryk. In the remaining committees, Bodnar's advantage is smaller, but still noticeable. The current president performed best in committee no. 147, where he received 32.19 percent. votes against 40.93 percent support for Bodnar.

“While the organization of the second round of voting is not a surprise, the scale of support for Izabela Bodnar that can be observed in Jagodno is part of a broader trend. On the one hand, the Civic Dinner's hesitations related to selecting Jacek Sutryk as the candidate candidate supported by KO, and on the other hand, directing part of the KO electorate towards Izabela Bodnar's program and image offer,” says Dr. Glinka.

Izabela Bodnar will face Jacek Sutryk in the second round of elections – April 21.

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They voted for the Civic Coalition for the city council

The political scientist also commented on the results of individual committees in the elections to the Wrocław City Council. In Jagodno, the Civic Coalition had a clear advantage, with 47.44% of votes cast depending on the committee. up to 64.75 percent For the Jacek Sutryk, Left and Local Government committee, 10.14 percent voted for Jagodno. to 17.73 percent voters. The Third Way committee received even fewer votes. Only in one of the committees the result exceeded 10%. (exactly 10.87%), the weakest result in Jagodno is 7.41%.

“The result obtained by the Civic Coalition in Jagodno confirms that its representatives have relatively strong support in large cities. The result achieved by President Jacek Sutryk himself should be analyzed in a broader and more complex context, namely through the prism of voting for candidates running in the presidential elections.” – commented Dr. hab. Kamil Glinka.

During the October elections, two district commissions operated in the headquarters of the estate council at ul. Jagodzińska. Currently, one of them remains there, the other one has been moved to the Local Activity Center at ul. Signalowa. There were also two new electoral commissions in the estate, which worked in the new school building at ul. Asfaltowa. The committee in the common room at ul. operated unchanged. Wagner.

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Main photo source: PAP/Maciej Kulczyński

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