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Jakubiak doubts that humans are changing the climate. He asks: how many factories were there when Masuria was founded?

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“Do you remember when the glaciers retreated due to global warming? How many factories were there then?” – Kukiz’15 MP Marek Jakubiak asked on public television. In this way, he suggested that current climate changes are natural because they occurred before the industrial age. Meanwhile, the vast majority of scientists believe that humans are responsible for the current global warming.

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Wind energy and proposals changes in the windmill law by the group of MPs from Poland 2050-Trzeciej Droga, the Polish People’s Party-Third Way and the Civic Coalition were one of the topics discussed by the guests of the “Woronicza 17” program on TVP Info on Sunday, December 10. Marek Jakubiak, MP from Kukiz’15 (elected in the last elections from the Law and Justice party) and Katarzyna Ueberhan, MP from the Left, spoke on this matter.

“Do you know where Masuria, the Masurian Lake District, came from? Do you know?” – At some point, Jakubiak started asking MP Ueberhan. “Do you remember when the glaciers retreated due to global warming? How many factories were there then?” – he continued to ask when the MP did not answer.

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“I haven’t lived that long, so I won’t comment,” Ueberhan replied, not hiding her laughter.

“So let’s calm down, these are illusory substitute topics that the industry…” – Jakubiak began to answer. “Not true,” he responded on the words of Kukiz’15 MP, PSL senator, Jan Filip Libicki.

Jakubiak continued: “… the energy sector simply produces for the naive and that’s it. However, cycles on Earth… We are simply too scientifically arrogant to know about the processes that have been taking place on Earth for millions of years.”

“Geological facts are inconvenient for leftists” vs. “Let Jakubiak learn”

On Sunday, December 10, a fragment of Jakubiak’s statement on X.com he reported one of the anonymous Internet users. “Jakubiak to a leftist: – Do you know how Masuria was created? – …silence… – The glacier retreated as a result of global warming. And how many factories were there then? – …silence… That’s all,” we read in a popular post that has been viewed over 375,000. users. The entry was accompanied by a frame from the “Woronicza 17” program. His screenshot also appeared on the website Facebook.

Post published on X.com on December 10, 2023X.com

Many Internet users commented on the popular post. Some mocked the Left MP: “Such a knockout that I feel sorry for women”; “I don’t know what it is, but it looks like he plowed it”; “And Jakubiak swept it up. It’s hard to do it with a shovel for these supposedly trained people”; “Geological facts are inconvenient for leftists” (original spelling of all posts).

Others criticized Jakubiak: “A depth of reasoning worthy of the village idiot…”; “This only proves that Mr. Jakubiak, to put it mildly, does not understand the basics of physics and geography. This is despite the fact that a lot has been written about GO for ten years” (GO – global warming – ed); “It is the same wise argument as saying that the fire was not arson, because before the appearance of people there were no arsonists, and there were fires. You have to demonstrate a complete inability to think to consider it as plowing”; “The climate is changing without human intervention, but then the phases of warming or cooling are slow, lasting thousands of years. Now there is a huge acceleration of the pace of change due to human activity. Let Jakubiak learn, and so should you.”

The cause of current climate change is human activity

Jakubiak’s words about the retreating glacier and factories suggest that the current climate change is something natural, just like those that took place much earlier (the last glacier withdrew from Poland about 10-12 thousand years ago, which was also when the Masurian Lakes). Human activity, such as the factories mentioned by the MP, are not the cause of climate change.

This kind of argument refuted among others in February 2023, the editorial offices of the Energetyka24 and Demagog websites as part of the “#Faktyoklimacie” project. Similarly to one of the Internet users commenting on Jakubiak’s words, they gave the example of a fire: “The claim that humans cannot influence the climate, because it has been changing even before the existence of humans, makes as much sense as saying that arson does not exist, because fires also broke out in the times of dinosaurs, i.e. when there were no people in the world. In other words: sometimes different actions can lead to similar effects.

As they noted, “historical climate changes show how unnatural is what is currently happening to the Earth’s atmosphere.” Climate changes before the industrial era occurred in predictable cycles – they were influenced by variable solar activity and differences in the Earth’s orbit. It is human activity that emits greenhouse gases that has disrupted these cycles. “The average temperature of the Earth is rising, despite the decrease in the power of radiation reaching the Earth from the Sun” – he emphasized Marcin Popkiewicz, founder and one of the editors of the Science of Climate portal in January 2020.

The authors of the “#Faktyoklimacie” project draw attention to Marcin Popkiewicz (text from 2008), to the accelerated pace of climate change in the industrial era. Between the years 1000 and 1600, the average surface temperature of the Earth changed by only half a degree Celsius. However, over the last 150 years the change has reached approximately 1 degree Celsius.

In 2021, researchers from the University of Arizona in an article published in a scientific journal “Nature“presented an analysis of temperature changes on Earth over the last 24,000 years. Both the pace and scale of warming over the last 150 years are unprecedented compared to changes over the last 24,000 years,” the authors stated in the article’s abstract.

The claim that “warming is natural, human involvement is minimal” Climate Science website verified over ten years ago. “Warming is caused by greenhouse gases, and today humans are increasing their content in the atmosphere. This is evidenced by independent measurements made from Earth and from space, in the atmosphere and oceans, at meteorological stations and laboratories,” he explained.

The international organization World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has identified the argument “the earth’s climate has always changed” as one of the ten most common myths about climate change. “Over the 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history, the climate has changed a lot. That’s true. But the rapid warming we’re seeing today cannot be explained by natural warming and cooling cycles. Changes that would normally take hundreds of thousands of years to happen are happening over decades.” – explain WWF. “This much faster warming is related to the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which has been rising since the industrial revolution. So when people talk about climate change today, they mean anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change,” he adds.

The vast majority of scientists agree on the cause of climate change. 99 percent scientific works in the field of climate indicate that humans are responsible for the current global warming, according to tests scientific literature published in 2021. Similar analysis from 2013 showedthat the scientific consensus on this issue was 97%.

About the extent to which humans contribute to climate change, we wrote at Konkret24 in 2019.

Main photo source: Marcin Obara/PAP

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