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James Webb’s Telescope. NASA showed a test photo

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Soon NASA will show the first multicolored images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope. This week, a test photo was presented, which – as announced by the US space agency – is a foretaste of what the groundbreaking observatory has to offer.

The image, shown Wednesday, shows several stars with distinctive diffraction spikes and galaxies in the background. As Jane Riby, a researcher with the James Webb Space Telescope Operations Team at the Robert H. Goddard Space Flight Center, said, “The lowest-luminous patches in this image are the types of galaxies that Webb will study in the first year of his work.”

In the communication NASA She stressed that the photo is “one of the most profound images of the Universe ever taken” and offers “an enticing look in what will be presented in the coming weeks, months and years”.

Image captured by the Fine Guidance SensorNASA, CSA, FGS

72 shots comprised the picture

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The image consists of 72 photos taken in 32 hours in early May. It was made using the Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS), and therefore not by a device that is used to observe space objects. Since the FGS, developed by the Canadian Space Agency, does not use color filters like scientific instruments, it is impossible to determine the age of the visible galaxies. The sensor was in the test phase when the image was created.

“I was delighted to see all the detailed structures clearly visible in these” faint “(low-brightness – ed) galaxies,” said Neil Rowlands of Webb’s Fine Guidance Sensor.

The telescope is expected to transmit the first multi-color, scientific-quality images more than six months after it is launched in cosmoswhich is July 12.

It will see what no other telescope has seen

The Webb telescope is a revolutionary device developed by scientists from NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. The machine is a more advanced and powerful successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronomers hope that thanks to the telescope it will be possible, among other things, to study the atmosphere of planets outside the solar system for signs of life and to spot the first stars and galaxies formed around 200 million years after the Big Bang.

In early May, it was reported that the space observatory was in the right position to begin its work. The telescope, weighing more than 6.3 tons, was launched into space on December 25, 2021, and then reached point L2, an orbit 1.5 million kilometers away from our planet, almost four times further than the Moon.

The mirror of the James Webb telescopePAP / Reuters / Adam Ziemienowicz

NASA, ScienceAlert, tvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: NASA, CSA, FGS

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