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Jamnice, the mysterious death of a pallet maker. The 10th Archive goes back to the death of Zdzisław and Halina Bachor, the police are asking for help

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It was a murder, not an accident, say policemen from the 10th Archives in Poznań. The officers have just returned to the case from 18 years ago. It is about the mysterious deaths of Zdzisław and Halina Bachor. The bodies of a pallet producer and his wife were found years ago in a completely burned car in a forest in Jamnice.

An officer from the X Archives in Poznań dealt with the death of the pallet manufacturer and his wife. They come back to the case 18 years after the tragic death of the couple. – They have serious doubts about the preliminary findings. They believe that it was a murder, and the car was set on fire to cover its tracks, informs the young inspector. Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman for the Greater Poland Police.


Local officials determined that the couple had left their home the day before to visit their family in JamniceKWP Poznań

What happened in the forest?

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The corpse of a married couple was found in February 2004, on a forest road in Jamnice near Brzeziny (Greater Poland Voivodeship). A random person stumbled upon a completely burnt Skoda.

– Human remains were visible inside the wreckage in the driver and passenger seats. The policemen who dealt with the case quickly determined that it was the manufacturer of the pallets and his wife. They lived just three kilometers away in the town of Włocin Kolonia, in the Sieradz poviat, the spokesman says.

The experts did not find any damage to the carKWP Poznań

The preliminary findings of the local policemen showed that the day before, the couple had left home to visit their family in Jamnice. However, they never got there.

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At that time, the burned car was examined by experts, but they did not find any damage or a short circuit in the electrical system that could have caused a fire. – But they came to other surprising conclusions that the car windows were down, a fire broke out in the front part of the cabin. They also found that a flammable substance could have been used for the arson. It was also established that one of the victims was still alive at the time of the fire – points Borowiak.

The X-Archive policemen analyzed the whole case in detailKWP Poznań

What was the motive?

X-Archive officers analyzed the case years later. They got acquainted with all the opinions of experts to date. – On this basis, they adopted the version that someone might have had a motive to murder Zdzisław and Halina Bachor – adds Borowiak.

Therefore, the policemen urge all persons who have any information on this matter to contact the X-Archives. This can be done by e-mail (e-mail archiwum.x@po.policja.gov.pl) or call the number 572 900 236.

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Main photo source: KWP Poznań

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