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Jan Grabiec: we will be ready to appoint a government on November 14

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There is no reason for the president to feel like a patron of this government, said Jan Grabiec, spokesman for the Civic Platform, in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24. He added that the coalition agreement or the composition of the government “is not President Andrzej Duda’s issue.” He announced that the democratic opposition would be ready to appoint a government on November 14.

President Andrzej Duda conducted after elections parliamentary consultations with representatives of electoral committees that will be represented in the next Sejm. Last Thursday, he announced that there were two serious candidates for the position of prime minister. He clarified that he was the PiS candidate Mateusz Morawieckiand the Civic Coalition, Third Way and the Left – Donald Tusk. The democratic opposition can count on 248 seats in the new Sejm, PIS – on 194.

The president has not yet decided who he will entrust with the mission of forming the government. Andrzej Duda also stated on Thursday that he had tentatively planned the first meeting of the Sejm of the 10th term for Monday, November 13.

Grabiec on forming a government

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PO spokesman Grabiec was asked in “Piasecki’s Talk” whether the democratic opposition wants to be so advanced in these coalition talks that on November 13 it will be able to show Poland, but above all Andrzej Duda, a ready coalition agreement signed by four leaders, a ready composition of the government and for example, 248 signatures of MPs who will support the government, the coalition agreement and the candidate for prime minister. – We will be ready to properly appoint the government on November 14 – said Grabiec.

When asked whether the opposition wanted to put pressure on the president using this method, he replied that he “did not understand the president’s expectations expressed towards them.” – The role of the president is described in the constitution. He is supposed to help in the parliamentary-cabinet system and in electing a government – noted the PO politician.

– The coalition agreement or the composition of the government, especially in this respect, which under the constitution is not related to cooperation with the president, with respect for the head of state, but this is not the matter of President Andrzej Duda – said Grabiec. – There is no reason for the president to feel like a patron of this government, especially since he comes from a different political environment – he added.

When asked whether this means that the democratic coalition will not submit this coalition agreement to the president by November 13, even though this coalition agreement may become a fact, he replied that “the leaders will decide about it”, but, he added, “there are no grounds, there is no “There has never been such a custom, it does not result from the constitution that the president should somehow review the coalition agreement or the composition of the government.” – This is not his role – noted Grabiec.

Main photo source: TVN24

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