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Janina Goss will join the Supervisory Board of Orlen. How much will he earn?

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Janina Goss is to join the supervisory board of PKN Orlen. Privately, she is a friend of the president of Law and Justice Jarosław Kaczyński. She is referred to as the “gray eminence of PiS”. The daily “Fact” informed how much she will earn in the new position.

“Friend Jarosław Kaczyński for a long time he has been a member of the supervisory boards of state-owned companies – PGE and Bank Ochrony Środowiska. Janina Goss has earned nearly PLN 900,000 in both companies in recent years. zlotys” – describes “Fact”.

In July last year, “Gazeta Wyborcza” wrote that sitting on both councils may be against the law. READ MORE >>> “Fact” reminds that Janina Goss from the supervisory board of BOŚ left unexpectedly at the beginning of December 2022, now it is known that she got a new position. “He will also sit on the supervisory board, but now of the fuel concern PKN Orlen, whose president is Daniel Obajtek” – writes the journal.

According to the daily, the company’s financial statements show that the annual remuneration of a member of the supervisory board is PLN 136,000. zloty. The newspaper also described the background of Goss’ appointment to the fuel company. According to some politicians PISJanina Goss came to PKN Orlen not by accident, “- writes “Fakt”. – She is to become the ear of the PiS president and inform about what is happening in the company – says an anonymous interlocutor of the newspaper.

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Who is Janina Goss?

Janina Goss is 79 years old. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Lodz. He holds the title of legal adviser. In the years 2009-2010 she was a member of the supervisory board of Polskie Radio SA In the years 2006-2009 she was a member of the supervisory board of TVP SA, including for about two years she was the chairman of the supervisory board. In the years 1990 – 2003 she was a member of the Self-Government Board of Appeals in Łódź, in the years 1991-2003 she was a legal counsel at the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Łódź.

Janina GossAdam Burakowski/REPORTER/East News

Since 2012, Goss has been a member of the board of the Srebrna company, which was to build “two towers” in Warsaw’s Wola district. In 2019, “Wyborcza” revealed the course of negotiations on this matter between PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński and Austrian businessman Gerald Birgfellner.

“Goss is to have not only unlimited access to Kaczyński’s ear, but even his room in the party headquarters at Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw, where he is in office most days of the week” – this is how “Wyborcza” wrote about the role of a woman in the close vicinity of the PiS president.

Scheuring-Wielgus: Janina Goss is to be the ear and eye of the PiS president in OrlenTVN24

PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński only revealed in 2014 after the intervention of the media and the Deputies’ Ethics Committee that it was Goss who lent him PLN 200,000 for his mother’s treatment.

PiS shaman. Material of the “Black and white” program from March 2016:

PiS shaman

PiS shaman30.03 | For starters, a woman – a mystery. She herself has never held a key position in PiS – but she – as many believe – has had a decisive influence on the filling of positions for years. She does not talk to the media, there are almost no photos of her, generally little known, as if in the shadows – and yet – it is her opinion that Jarosław Kaczyński is supposedly particularly important to. Who is Janina Goss? The most is known about her herbal interests, but they probably did not give her such a strong position, and in any case – not only them.tvn24

Orlen Group

Orlen Group, after the acquisition PGNiG at the beginning of November 2022, and earlier Grupa Energa and Grupa Lotos, is currently the largest multi-energy concern in Central Europe and one of the largest on the entire European continent.

According to the data published by PKN Orlen, after the appointment of Janina Goss, the composition of the supervisory board is ten. It also includes: former Minister of the Treasury in 2006-2007 and former president of the company in 2015-2018 Wojciech Jasiński as chairman, as well as vice-chairman Andrzej Szumański, secretary Anna Wójcik and members: Andrzej Kapała, Roman Kusz, Anna Sakowicz -Kacz, Barbara Jarzembowska, Michał Klimaszewski and Jadwiga Lesisz.

Main photo source: Marcin Stepien / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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