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Janina Włudarczyk is dead. Michał Wójcik’s partner from the Ani Mru Mru cabaret fought cancer

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Janina Włudarczyk, the partner of the popular comedian Michał Wójcik, is dead. The artist known from the Ani Mru Mru cabaret earlier appealed for help for her, raising funds to fight the disease.

The party.pl website informed about the death of Michał Wójcik’s partner on Monday, citing a friend of the artist, Krzysztof Ferdyna. “Unfortunately, I have to confirm this information, and it’s quite sad, but we don’t comment on it with Michał,” the portal quotes him. The news was also confirmed on the Plejada.pl website by the manager of the Ani Mru Mru cabaret Zbigniew Remlein, adding that the woman had died a month ago. According to the same portal, Wójcik’s partner died on March 6 and was buried five days later in the municipal cemetery in Katowice.

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The fight for the health of Michał Wójcik’s partner

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In July 2020, the public was moved by Michał Wójcik’s appeal. One of the most popular cabaret artists in Poland asked for financial support in the fight against cancer of his partner, Janina. “Dear friends, I have been helping all my life. Today I am reaching out and asking for your help. My Jani is ill, she has cancer. But cancer is not a sentence and we want to fight it. Today I am asking you for help, for funds for Jani’s stay in the clinic. Every moment and every penny changes. I am asking you for help “- appealed Michał Wójcik in a moving recording on YouTube. On the collection page on the site help.pl Jani has been described as “Mother, Partner and Woman trying to get by in the business world”.

The collection itself significantly exceeded the planned goal – 150 thousand. zloty. A total of 244,000 was collected. Soon after, in another video, the artist thanked everyone who helped. – You managed to bring a smile to my face – Wójcik was clearly moved. – We’re taking the fight. We won’t. And thanks a lot, because I think it’s very important, for all the words of support you wrote to us – he added.

In the “Question for Breakfast” program, he also quoted a letter from his partner. “The disease showed me that I am a man of little faith. You made me want to change for the better, that I started to believe. I am grateful for every penny, especially for words of support and prayer, because they gave me strength. birthday, I looked at the fundraiser, where the amount exceeded the expected result, I was intimidated that there are so many good people “- read Wójcik.

A fundraiser for the treatment of Jania, Michał Wójcik’s partner from Ani Mru Mrupomoc.pl/pomocdlajani#

52-year-old Michał Wójcik and Janina Włudarczyk were engaged. In 2019, they had a son. As the artist himself reported, they were planning a wedding. Jania won him over with her personality and big heart. “She didn’t know who I was and that was wonderful. She didn’t watch cabarets, she didn’t know me from the screen, so that was the first plus. The second plus is that she is a witch, baba yaga. She is very interested in food, numbers, stars, etc., which I as a skeptic didn’t believe in, and now I’m starting to see life in a completely different way. She is a very warm, lovely woman, she needs contact, touch just like me, we miss and write to each other. I think I’m in love – the artist told Super Express in September 2019.

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Main photo source: Instagram/Michal Wojcik

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