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Janów County. A 40-year-old worker at a groats processing plant has died. A drum of hot buckwheat pinned him down

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There was an unfortunate accident at a groats processing plant in the Janów district (Lubelskie Voivodeship). A 40-year-old man died after being crushed by a drum of hot buckwheat. Friends came to help the man. However, they failed to save him.

This tragedy happened on Monday (May 1) in the afternoon in the Janów district, in a groats production plant.

– During the processing of buckwheat, the fastening of the metal drum in which the hot groats was located was broken. The drum crushed a 40-year-old man, says staff officer Faustyna Łazur from the District Police Headquarters in Janów Lubelski.

The accident happened at the groats production plantKPP Janow Lubelski

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They rushed to help, they burned themselves

He adds that colleagues rushed to help the 40-year-old.

– Trying to get him out from under the hot buckwheat, they suffered minor hand burns. However, the man could not be saved. He died on the spot, police said.

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The uniformed officers conducted activities under the supervision of the prosecutor. Now they explain the exact circumstances and causes of the event. The labor inspectorate was also notified about the case.

Main photo source: KPP Janow Lubelski

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