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Janów Podlaski is divided by the border of the state of emergency

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Most of Janów Podlaski – where the municipal authorities are located – is located outside the area covered by the state of emergency. The situation is different right next to it: a few streets of the Janów Podlaski settlement, the entire Janów Wieś and the famous horse farm are within the boundaries of the zone under the state of emergency. – It turned out funny, nobody consulted with us – emphasize the officials. And local residents admit that they cannot say exactly where the state of emergency is and is not.

Driving from Biała Podlaska to Janów Podlaski, about six kilometers before Janów, you can come across a police patrol. Some cars are stopped by officers. A few days earlier, on Saturday, all cars were stopped for inspection. Police officers ask for the purpose of the trip, inform that the road is in a state of emergency, ask for an ID card, and from time to time check the contents of the trunk. After explaining that you are going to Janów Podlaski, they give a sign that you can continue the journey. Several hundred meters behind the patrol, there is a sign informing you that you are entering an area subject to a state of emergency.

There is no information or signs in the village

In Janów Podlaski itself – as reported by the Polish Press Agency – the situation is different. There are no signs in the streets. Even in front of the Wygoda settlement, where the famous Arabian horse stud is located, there is no information. There are no police patrols or Border Guard in Janów. In the center of the settlement, several elderly residents are sitting by the fountain with figures of running horses. When asked by a PAP reporter whether they know where the border of the state of emergency is, they cannot say exactly. They know, however, that it includes several streets: Janowa, Janów Wieś and a stud. – Sir, I am an angler and I cannot go fishing by the Bug river, and maybe my friend who lives a bit further in Janów Wieś. They can do more in this zone than we do – says one of the men. When the reporter asks if they are applying for passes to visit friends who live just a few streets from their homes in Janów Wieś, they laugh.

Mayor: it came out funny

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The mayor of the Janów Podlaski commune, Leszek Chwedczuk, assures that Janów is not covered by the zone. The bishop’s castle, where the elegant hotel is located, also does not. – Janów, as the seat of the authorities, is almost entirely outside the zone, with the possible exception of a few streets that used to be in Janów Wieś, and now are in the settlement of Janów – explains the mayor. And he adds that there is also a stud in the state of emergency. – Well, but she is located in Wygoda – emphasizes the local government official. When asked why the border of the state of emergency is like this, he explains: – The regulation (on the introduction of the state of emergency – editorial note) lists the localities that fall under the state of emergency, and then gives the numbers of the registration precincts. The numbers of registration districts are the basis for delimiting the zone boundaries.

– Zones were delineated with the use of geodetic maps. Janów Podlaski settlement covers practically the entire town of Janów Podlaski, and Janów Podlaski Wieś, these are areas around our town, the so-called bagel. Janów Podlaski cuts a wedge into a designated zone three kilometers from the border on the Bug. That’s why it turned out so funny – he says. And he emphasizes: – Nobody has consulted this with us – emphasizes Chwedczuk. He adds that “according to the ordinance, access to the area not covered by the state of emergency is allowed through the area covered by the state of emergency, therefore the police, after a road check, let people going to the settlement of Janów Podlaski and to the hotel in the bishops’ palace”.

A state of emergency in part of Podlasie and the Lublin region

President Andrzej Duda released on Thursday a regulation on the introduction of a state of emergency in the border zone with Belarus, i.e. in part of the Podlaskie and Lubelskie voivodships. The regulation has already been published in the Journal of Laws and entered into force on the day of its publication. The strip covers 183 towns (115 in the Podlaskie Voivodeship and 68 in the Lubelskie Voivodeship). A period of 30 days has been requested by the government for the introduction of a state of emergency due to the situation on the border with Belarus. On the Belarusian side, in Usnarz Górny near Krynki (Podlasie province), a group of immigrants who want to get to Poland has been wandering for three weeks. According to the government, these and other people are brought to the border by the services of the Belarusian regime, and the action has the character of “hybrid wars

Janów Podlaski was divided by the border of the state of emergencyGoogle Maps

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