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Jantar. A firefighter from Mrągowo, Przemysław Kaczmarczyk, was relaxing on the beach, when the waves swept a group of people. He saved two people

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On Wednesday in Jantar, the waves carried a group of people. All of them were saved, and one of the heroes of the successful rescue operation was a firefighter from Mrągowo. The commander of the Specialist Water and Diving Group, younger aspirant Przemysław Kaczmarczyk saved two people – his parent unit said.

On Wednesday, at the bathing beach in Jantar (Pomeranian Voivodeship), the tests were carried out rescue operation in difficult conditions. After the signal that there was a person in need of help in the water, sunbathers entered the water, creating a chain of life.

There were high waves then. Four people started to drown – all of them were taken ashore, two of them were transported by helicopters to hospitals in Gdańsk and Olsztyn.

A fireman from Mrągowo saved two people

Firefighters from Mrągowo in the evening on social media informed that the person who pulled the two drowning people out of the water was the commander of the Specialist Water and Diving Group in Mrągowo, young asp. Przemysław Kaczmarczyk. The fireman stayed in Jantar privately.

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“He immediately went to help. Thanks to the high level of training and specialist knowledge, Przemek managed to save two people. First, he went to sea and saved a man who had already disappeared under the water. Without any equipment, risking his own life, he dived and found him under water, he took up the surface and towed to the shore “- they reported.

“Then he set out to help a woman kidnapped by the waves, whom he also managed to safely tow to the shore. It is safe to say that Przemek saved the lives of two people” – wrote the proud firefighters from Mrągowo on their social media profile.

Suspended search for people in Jantar

Press officer of the Polish Police in Nowy Dwór Gdański, Sgt. in the afternoon, Karolina Figiel said that the search operation would not be resumed, because the services had not received information about the disappearance of any person.

She pointed out that sunbathers who entered the water and formed a life chain in search of a drowning person might have been misled by someone and that there might not have been anyone in the water.

The police informed that red flags were flown at all guarded bathing areas on the Vistula Spit on Wednesday due to high waves.

Main photo source: Contact 24 / Adam

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