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Janusz Cieszyński – question about the name of the river in Olsztyn and no answer. Recording

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Minister of Digital Affairs Janusz Cieszyński, who opens the list of Law and Justice in the Olsztyn district, was asked during an election debate on a local portal what river flows through Olsztyn. The ruling party candidate did not know the answer, but assured that he would educate himself on this issue.

Minister of Digital Affairs Janusz Cieszyński (Law and Justice) and Janusz Cichoń, MP of the Civic Coalition, are number one on the lists elections parliamentary elections in the Olsztyn constituency. On Wednesday, they faced each other in a pre-election debate organized by the local portal Olsztyn.com.pl.

In a series of questions from readers, Cieszyński was asked what river flows through Olsztyn (the Łyna). – It seems to me that today we are having a debate about economics, not geography. Everyone knows that I was born in Wrocław, that I didn’t live in Olsztyn before, I don’t hide it, but I understand it and I expected such questions – he replied.

– I will not run a campaign based on cheating and talking about something that I am not. However, what I can say is what I talked about today, what I do, what I have done, what idea I have for this region. And I think that no matter what the idea is, the name of this river will certainly not change, but I promise readers, listeners and all of you that I will also learn from it, assured Cieszyński.

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Janusz Cieszyński Paweł Supernak/PAP

During the debate, his competitor was asked about the number of lakes in Olsztyn. – Eleven – replied the KO candidate without hesitation.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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