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Janusz Kowalski mobilized the deputies in the Sejm. Applause for Minister Przemysław Czarnek

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Members of the United Right applauded their ministers in the Sejm on Wednesday. They were mobilized for this by Janusz Kowalski, deputy minister and politician of Solidarna Polska. Well done Minister Czarnek. Wake up. Bravo, he encouraged from the podium.

On Wednesday evening in the Sejm, before the votes, the Minister of Education came to the rostrum Przemyslaw Czarnek. The opposition chanted: “thieves, thieves.” Czarnek accused the opposition of “pouring dirt” on him in connection with the villa plus scandal. He once again argued about the merits of his government in the field of education and the multitude of subsidies provided for this purpose.

Soon after, Janusz Kowalski, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Solidarity Poland politician, took the floor. – You don’t like Minister Czarnek? You don’t like Minister Ziobro, because he discovered perhaps the biggest scandal in the Warsaw City Hall? Thieves? Ask what is happening in Warsaw – he addressed the opposition.

– We are proud of our ministers. Gentlemen, let’s stand up, let’s show now how proud we are of our ministers. Way to go. Well done Minister Czarnek. Well done Minister Czarnek. Wake up. Well done, said Kowalski. Politicians PIS they got up from the Sejm benches, clapped and chanted the Prime Minister’s name: Mateusz.

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Kowalski did not stop and shouted further: – You will never come to power, shout to each other, bravo. We will settle you, we will settle Trzaskowski. And what are you laughing at, Nitras? laugh. Way to go. Well done Minister Czarnek.

PiS deputies stood up and applauded the ministersTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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