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Janusz Kowalski reveals what he talked about with Donald Tusk

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After Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s exposé, MP Janusz Kowalski from Sovereign Poland took part in the debate. Shortly afterwards, both politicians talked to each other at the parliamentary benches. “One thing is certain: the former deputy minister of agriculture did not bring flowers,” commented the profile of Szkła Kontaktowe, which posted the recording of the conversation.

The conversation between the two politicians lasted almost a minute. “Something happened that had previously seemed impossible: Donald Tusk talked to Janusz Kowalski face to face. We do not know what the conversation was about. One thing is certain: the former deputy minister of agriculture did not bring flowers,” wrote Szkło Kontaktowe.

Unfortunately the video had no sound. But what he talked about with Donald Tusk, a journalist from Wirtualna Polska asked Janusz Kowalski. – It was a serious, specific conversation between serious people – said the former deputy minister of agriculture.

As he said, he asked the Prime Minister a question about the “Clean Hands” bill. It was this act that Kowalski spoke about earlier during the debate. – We support and will support the “Clean Hands” project, let’s proceed with it as quickly as possible, because we have not only clean hands, but pure intentions – he said, adding that Sovereign Poland would like it to include an obligation to disclose all income from foreign and domestic sources and all donations for children and spouses from the last 10 years to the Speakers of the Sejm and Senate, the Prime Minister and ministers.

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At the same time, he asked Tusk: – I trust that you will answer Janusz Kowalski’s simple, banal question. Please disclose your total income in the years 2014-2019 plus the transitional benefit until 2021 from Brussels. Specific total amount from Mr PITs 2014-2021. Millions of Poles want to hear this, and I assure you that Donald Tusk will not answer this question to Janusz Kowalski.

“Professionalism in politics means the ability to talk about things important to the state”

And this was the topic of the subsequent conversation between the two politicians. – I drew Prime Minister Tusk’s attention to the fact that I expect a written response regarding the amount from his PIT return for 2014-2021. The Demagogue website calculated the earnings of the head of the European Council from the main benefit and the bridging benefit at approximately PLN 8 million. I believe that this should be verified by disclosing Donald Tusk’s PIT returns, I told him this directly – he told wp.pl.

He also emphasized that he wanted this bill to be processed in the Sejm as quickly as possible, because, among other things, it is intended to prevent corruption.

Donald Tusk allegedly told him that it was an “interesting idea” and a proposal worth considering. – Professionalism in politics means the ability to talk about things important to the state. I publicly supported the “Clean Hands” coalition project and I expect the same – support for the anti-corruption solutions proposed by the right wing – emphasized Janusz Kowalski.

Donald Tusk has not yet commented on what the conversation with Janusz Kowalski was about.

From flowers to criticism

Janusz Kowalski is one of Donald Tusk’s most ardent critics. However, he himself belonged to the Civic Platform for a year and in 2005 he ran for the Sejm from its list. He did not receive a mandate at that time. He became an MP only in 2019.

It was loud, among others. about a photo from 2005 in which Tusk is signing a book and there is a bouquet of flowers on the table in front of the talking politicians.

In March 2022, Donald Tusk shared them on Twitter with the note: “He brought flowers and asked for photos.”

– I’m in this photo, but I didn’t give any flowers. These were flowers for me from Donald Tusk – he told Justyna Dobrosz-Oracz from “Gazeta Wyborcza” in May. – These are flowers on the table. Donald Tusk simply thanked me for my presence as a representative of the anti-corruption movement. That was the truth – he commented.

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Main photo source: Contact Glass / TVN24

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