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Janusz Palikot. Rzeczpospolita: Your Movement ceases to exist, it did not submit its financial statements on time

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The Twoj Ruch group, founded by Janusz Palikot, has decided to dissolve itself and will be outlawed, Rzeczpospolita reported. The party, which a few years ago had almost 40 parliamentary seats, did not submit a financial report for 2022, the newspaper added.

According to Rzeczpospolita, Your move will be removed from the register of political parties because he has not submitted a financial report for 2022. In this case, as the newspaper points out, the regulations are very strict, but also unambiguous: they provide that “National Electoral Commission applies to the court to remove the party’s entry from the register”, and the court “after conducting the hearing, issues a decision to remove the political party from the register”. “Some parties make such a mistake every year. For example, last year the party did not submit a report Paweł Kukiz K’15, and therefore was deleted from the register in January (the rockman has already founded a new party KUKIZ15) “- we read in “Rzeczpospolita”. parties, most of which are couch. It’s about, among others o Together for Health by Włodzimierz Bodnar, a doctor who gained publicity during the pandemic COVID-19, treating with amantadine, or the group Z Love to Koryta, founded by the Malina cabaret. Of the more well-known parties, only Your Movement did not report, “Rzeczpospolita” points out.

Janusz Palikot. Photo from 2013Radek Pietruszka/PAP

According to the party’s co-chairman, Marzennie Karkoszka, it was a conscious decision. “In January, we decided to dissolve the party. After Janusz left, it was difficult to rebuild the brand of the party, because whether someone likes it or not, Palikot was the most recognizable political brand in Poland,” Karkoszka explains in an interview with the newspaper.

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Your Movement by Janusz Palikot

“Rzeczpospolita” reminded that Your Movement was created by extending the Palikot Movement to include left-wing circles, initially it had 36 seats of deputies and an MEP.

“In 2015, he dropped out of the Sejm, starting with the SLD and not exceeding the 8% threshold for the coalition. Later, your movement did not run in any elections until the 2019 parliamentary elections, when its candidates were on the SLD lists, but none won In 2018, he said goodbye to the chairmanship Janusz Palikot” – explained the journal.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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