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Japan. Dozens of fathead dolphins stranded on the beach. The rescue operation lasted more than eight hours

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Dozens of fathead dolphins have washed ashore in Japan’s Chiba prefecture. The animals got stuck on the beach and were unable to return to the water on their own. Despite the efforts of surfers and local residents, three individuals did not survive.

A group of fat-headed dolphins were stranded on Tsurigasaki Beach in Ichinomiya, Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, on Monday. A surfer spotted 32 marine mammals stranded on the shore. She contacted the police about the matter at 6.25 am local time. The emergency services immediately began the rescue operation.

Dozens of fathead dolphins stranded on a beach in Japan.ENEX

Dolphin rescue operation

The dolphin rescue operation lasted more than eight hours. It was attended by about 40 people, including surfers and local residents. Most of the mammals returned to the sea, three individuals unfortunately did not survive. The city authorities will monitor the situation for the next few days as there is a possibility that the exhausted animals will become stranded again on the beach.

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– They may have entered the cold coastal waters in groups because they were chasing the fish that they eat. The animals were injured on the beach, unable to move normally, said Yukio Miyauchi, head of the Institute of Oceanography in Choshi, Chiba Prefecture.

Dozens of fathead dolphins stranded on a beach in JapanENEX

Dozens of fathead dolphins stranded on a beach in JapanENEX

There have been similar situations in the past where groups of fathead dolphins have been washed ashore by the sea. Such incidents usually occur from January to March, when these mammals migrate north in search of food.

fat-headed dolphin (Peponocephala electra) belongs to the dolphin family (Delphinidae). This species is found in all tropical waters. It is rare to meet it, because it lives mainly in open ocean waters, far from the shores.

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Main photo source: ENEX

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