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Japan. Mysterious ball on the beach. The authorities don’t know what it is

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Authorities do not know what a metal ball about 1.5 meters in diameter found off the coast of Japan is, local broadcaster NHK said. Sappers have already checked the facility and reported that it poses no threat. Locals joke that the ball could be a “Godzilla egg” or come from outer space.

The mysterious object was found on February 21 on a beach near the town of Hamamatsu in central Honshu by a local resident who reported the find to the police. As reported by the Japanese public broadcaster NHK, the ball washed ashore has a metal coating and its diameter is about 1.5 meters.

The place of the unusual discovery was secured by the services. The facility was examined by sappers. They assured that the bullet did not pose any threat. The BBC writes that the locals, fascinated by the mysterious discovery, have already created many theories about its origin. The metal object was called “Godzilla egg” or “something from outer space”. There were also voices that it was simply a rusty buoy thrown ashore.

So what is the sphere lying around Hamamatsu? There is no official answer to this question yet. Authorities have announced that the facility will soon be removed from the beach.

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Chinese balloons over the USA

The BBC emphasizes that under normal circumstances the discovery would probably have gone unnoticed, but it was made shortly after Four unidentified flying objects were shot down over North America. One of them stayed identified as a Chinese observation balloon. As the portal reminds, last week the Japanese authorities for the first time reported that they suspect that China in 2019, they introduced three similar facilities to their airspace. Beijing has denied these reports.

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