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Japan. Tourists will pay more for food than locals. New policy

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Nikkei Asia points out that Japanese restaurants may struggle to expandif they focus solely on serving dishes to foreign tourists who pick Japan as the destination of their trips due to the weakening value of the yen for over a year.

– The Japanese don't order beef tenderloin skewers for 3 thousand yen (approx. PLN 76)but tourists visiting Japan claim that they are cheap and buy them – says in an interview with the portal Miki Watanabe, president of the large Watami restaurant chain, which in April recorded over 75% increase in meals served to foreigners.

Japan. Restaurants introduce two price lists

Given this situation, it is becoming an increasingly popular solution introduction of two price lists – says Nikkei Asia.

This step was taken by, among others, a barbecue joint in Tokyo's vibrant Shibuya district. Seafood buffet with approximately 60 dishes to choose from, including unlimited drinks on weekdays, it costs 5,980 yen (PLN 152) for residents, but 6,980 yen (PLN 178) for tourists.

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“I saw it on social media and I really wanted to come,” says a Hong Kong resident who doesn't mind local residents paying a lower price. – If I wanted to eat the same dishes in my hometown, it would cost twice as much – explain.

Two price lists in one restaurant. Is it legal?

Nikkei Asia quotes a lawyer who estimates that introducing double price lists is a legal practice. – As long as prices are properly explained, two price lists do not pose a legal problem. It all depends on how consumers perceive it, he explains.

The mayor of Himeji in western Japan also wants to opt for a similar solution, stating on Sunday that is considering quadrupling entry ticket prices only for foreign tourists.

Currently, the cost of a ticket to the 17th-century castle, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is 1,000 yen (approx. PLN 25).

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