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Japan. Yokosuka officials will use GPT Chats. Artificial intelligence is supposed to increase work efficiency

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The authorities of the Japanese city of Yokosuka announced that in their daily work local officials will use artificial intelligence – GPT Hut. The tool is designed to increase their efficiency in simple administrative tasks that can be performed by a machine, and allow them to take care of other tasks that must be performed by a human.

On Thursday, the Japanese city of Yokosuka, located in Kanagawa Prefecture, announced that it will start using Chata GPT in its daily administrative tasks. For now, the tool is to be used by officials for a trial period of one month.

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Officials will use Chata GPT

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According to the information posted on the website of the local town hall, all its employees, which are about 4,000, will be able to use Chata GPT for e.g. writing summaries of meetings, preparing a base for documents, checking spelling mistakes in documents, improving and simplifying the language of documents to make them more understandable, creating marketing and communication content, and proposing ideas for new projects and regulations that can be implemented. It indicated that because the tool would take care of the administrative work, “staff will be able to focus on the work that only people can do”. It is noted that no confidential information will be entered into Chat GPT.

Takayuki Samukawa, spokesman for the city hall, said that one of the reasons for implementing the tool based on artificial intelligence in everyday work is the demographic crisis. Yokosuka currently has a population of just over 376,000. inhabitants and is constantly shrinking. “As the population declines, so does the number of workers,” the official said, quoted by Japan Times. As he pointed out, the city wants to use Chat GPT to increase operational efficiency and better work organization.

The use of Chata GPT is also planned by the central government Japan. “We want to use different types of AI (artificial intelligence) to promote reforms at work,” said digital minister Taro Kono, quoted by Japan Today. In turn, the Minister of Interior and Communications Takeaki Matsumoto announced that his ministry intends to start using the tool for a trial period to perform some of its duties, also bearing in mind the proper handling of entering confidential information into it.

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