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Jarosław Gowin on “political corruption” among his deputies. “Ministerial positions are offered”

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Covenant politicians talk louder and louder about political “poaching”. Such actions are to be carried out after the resignation of Jarosław Gowin from the government. Gowin himself pointed out that political corruption was ongoing, and his party’s deputies were being offered ministerial positions.

Jaroslaw Gowin was dismissed on Tuesday from the position of deputy prime minister and minister of development, labor and technology. The Covenant reaction came on Wednesday morning. The party’s vice-officer, Jan Strzeżek, announced that this is the end of the Agreement’s presence in the government coalition. During the day, deputy ministers Marcin Ociepa, Iwona Michałek, Wojciech Murdzek and Grzegorz Piechowiak resigned successively.

Anna Kornecka (Agreement), who was dismissed from the position of deputy minister in the Gowin ministry last week, also admitted on TVN24 on Wednesday morning that “We have not seen such political poaching on the political scene for a very long time“.


Gowin on “very attractive political trade proposals”

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Jarosław Gowin admitted on the RMF FM radio that Wednesday’s session in the Sejm and the vote on lex anti-TVN is “a day of testing the characters, especially the characters of the politicians of the Agreement”. – It is also a day of testing the patriotism of MPs, because if the lex TVN is voted through, this law will be extremely harmful for Poland and the consequences will be really deplorable – he assessed.

The head of the Covenant announced that during the meeting of the Covenant board, there were 40 people in favor of leaving the United Right, and five against such a decision. The national board of the Agreement consists of 50 people. Not all members of this grouping are members of the board.

Gowin indicated that each of the Covenant MPs had received “today and in previous days very politically attractive trade offers”. – A moment ago I talked to one of the deputies who told me that from the circle of Prime Minister (Mateusz) Morawiecki he had received such an offer that in return for staying in the PiS club, he would be able to decide which local governments in his voivodeship would receive funds from the governmental Local Initiatives Fund – he described.

– This is obviously a political corruption. Ministerial positions are also offered, their preservation or obtaining – he said.

Maksymowicz: there were very intensive efforts and all proposals were made

Professor Wojciech Maksymowicz (Poland 2050), a former politician of the Law and Justice Alliance and club who left the United Right after unconfirmed denunciations regarding medical experiments, commented on the situation in his former party. – Individuals were indeed being stolen one by one. I know that there were very, very intensive efforts and all suggestions were made. You have to respect the majority who decided to stay with Gowin, as far as I know – he said.

– Independence under a lot of pressure, I used to know it, it is definitely worthy of respect – he admitted.

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It was reported in the media that Marcin Ociepa, the current deputy defense minister, is a candidate for the minister of development, labor and technology. The person concerned himself denied this information. “Nobody from PiS has even talked to me about it. Neither indirectly nor directly,” he said. At the same time, Ociepa declares himself to be a supporter of staying in the United Right and the PiS club.

The debate on the anti-TVN lex took place after 11.30. During the discussion, amendments were tabled and it was decided that the Committee on Culture and Media would meet again to consider the amendments. Only then will the draft return to the Sejm for a vote.

The meeting of the Sejm committee began after 2.30 pm. The voting block in the Sejm is scheduled for 15.30.

Main photo source: Mateusz Marek / PAP

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