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Jarosław Gowin: The agreement forms a parliamentary circle

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Former Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin informed about the establishment of the parliamentary group of the Agreement. – From today on, the Agreement follows its own path. There are fewer of us, but we know what we have in common and that makes us stronger – he said.

President Andrzej Duda, at the request of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, dismissed Jarosław Gowin from the function of deputy prime minister and minister of development, labor and technology on Wednesday. On that day, the deputy spokesman for the Covenant, Jan Strzeżek, announced that the Agreement was leaving the United Right by the decision of the National Board.

Gowin: The agreement goes its own way

On Thursday, at a press conference, Jarosław Gowin announced the creation of a parliamentary group for the Agreement.

– We remain faithful to the values ​​of the United Right. We feel that we are loyal to the voters who trusted us, but at the same time, from the beginning of this term, there have been situations in which PiS tried to push through solutions harmful to Poland and Poles, said the leader of the Covenant.

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Among these solutions, he mentioned, among others, an attempt to veto the EU budget, media tax and the anti-TVN law, which, according to the leader of the Agreement, is contrary to the principles of freedom of speech and conflicts between Poland and the USA.

– Those who contributed to the adoption of this law will forever face the pangs of conscience that they acted in harm to the most basic, most vital interests of Poland – said Gowin, who voted against the anti-TVN law.

– From today on, the Agreement follows its own path. There are fewer of us, but we know what unites us and that makes us stronger. We want a Poland that is proud of itself, a wealthy Poland, a Poland that respects the internal pluralism of our society, a Poland that is respected and respected by everyone in the world, said the former Deputy Prime Minister.

– We are open to cooperation with all center-right circles – added Gowin.

Jarosław Gowin: From now on, the Agreement follows its own pathTVN24

Gowin: Law and Justice leaders are responsible for the collapse of the United Right

Referring to his resignation, he said that the stability of the government is a great value in times of a pandemic. – Today, with the establishment of the Alliance’s parliamentary group, the PiS parliamentary club loses its parliamentary majority. This is not a good situation for the state. Therefore, until the last moment, faithful also to the voters of the United Right, we put forward specific compromise proposals regarding the new tax system, regarding lex TVN, regarding the principles of financing local governments and many other matters – he said.

He added that “all these proposals were rejected, ignored by PiS”. – In this situation, the leaders of Law and Justice are responsible for the collapse of the United Right – assessed Gowin.

Witek: there will be a reassumption of the voteTVN24

Gowin: I will recommend voting for the dismissal of the Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek

Earlier, in an interview with Onet, the leader of the Agreement referred to Wednesday’s events in the Sejm. First, the majority of Members voted to adjourn the deliberations. The Marshal of the Sejm, Elżbieta Witek announced the recess, then resumed the deliberations and put the motion to vote for reassumption of this votewho passed. The Marshal explained that the motion in this matter was submitted by 30 deputies, as the originally voted motion to adjourn the session did not indicate the date by which it would be adjourned. The motion to adjourn the meeting did not gain the majority in the second vote. The deliberations continued. The Sejm adopted an amendment to the Broadcasting Act, known as the anti-TVN act. The bill was supported by 228 MPs, with 216 votes against and 10 abstentions.

Regulations of the Seym

Gowin replied that he did not know whether the Sejm Marshal had broken the law, because she was not an expert. “But she certainly broke good manners in various ways,” he added. – I volunteered yesterday before the lex TVN law to submit a formal motion, the marshal did not allow me to speak – he said. When asked if Marshal Witek would vote for the dismissal – the proposal was announced by opposition MPs – Gowin replied that he was. – I will recommend this decision to the Covenant authorities, because the position of the Covenant management board will be a guideline for parliamentarians – he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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