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Jarosław. In the morning she wandered around the city. 79-year-old woman “in a nightgown and slippers”

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Police officers from Jarosław (Podkarpacie) received information about an elderly woman who was walking around the city streets in the morning in only a nightgown and slippers. The 79-year-old woman was located. She couldn’t say where she was, but emphasized that she was “going to her house.” She was placed in the care of her family.

A bystander reported the wandering woman to the police on Saturday morning. He called the officer on duty at the Jarosław police station with information that he was heading towards ul. Krakowska “an elderly woman in a nightgown and slippers is walking.” An intervention patrol was sent to the site. When the officers arrived, no one was at the indicated location. The officers started a search. They noticed the woman after a while, on a neighboring street.

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Police: Said she didn’t know where he was but was going home

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During a conversation with the senior, the police established her identity and place of residence. – The 79-year-old said she didn’t know where she was, but she was going to her house. The woman was unable to rationally explain to the officers why she left the apartment – reports Saturday’s incident. staff. Anna Długosz from the Jarosław police headquarters. The 79-year-old woman, safe and sound, was transferred to the care of her family

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