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Jarosław Kaczyński about “falling from under one shoe under another” and “real communion”

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Jarosław Kaczyński took part in the Family Picnic in Wola Rzędzińska (Lesser Poland) on Sunday. – We will not let you fall from one shoe into another. These elections will be part of the fight for Poland. These will be the most important elections after 1989 – said the PiS president.

Leader of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski spoke during the Family Picnic organized by his group at the LKS Wolania stadium in Wola Rzędzińska in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

Jarosław Kaczyński at the Family PicnicPAP/Pawel Topolski

Kaczyński: Not everything has worked out, but that’s how life is

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He convinced that PIS delivered what it promised in 2015 when it came to power. – Some will say: not everything worked out. But in life, not everything works out, not every plan can be implemented right away, and some fail to be implemented at all. But the vast majority of our plans have been realized. We didn’t mislead anyone. When we said that there would be money for families, it was PLN 500 each. And in a moment it will be PLN 800 for each child – said the deputy prime minister.

He announced that the PiS government was fighting and still fighting inflation “in the interest of the vast majority of Poles, not to lead to unemployment and that Polish income, the so-called GDP, would fall, so that we would go backwards in development.” He decided that these methods of combating inflation had worked. – In Poland, GDP did not fall, wages in terms of purchasing power did not fall. We have very low unemployment, currently the lowest in the European Union, said Kaczyński.

“I assure you that in a few months inflation will be at a completely bearable level,” he predicted.

Kaczyński: Tusk is a shouter, he constantly insults us, yells and curses

– We are reliable. We said we would serve the public, not the elites and outside interests. What was that screamer doing?Donald Tuskwho constantly insults us, yells, curses us. He led to the fact that if there was a German and a Polish interest, the German one always won. Poland was coldly finished off so that the German shipyards would not collapse. We’ve never allowed anything like this to happen. We believe that it is the duty of the state authorities to defend the interests of their nation and their state. And we will continue to do so, announced the Deputy Prime Minister.

Jaroslaw KaczynskiTVN24

He stated that “tough defense of Polish interests” is at stake in the autumn parliamentary elections, which he said will probably take place on October 15, with the decision up to the president Andrzej Duda. – At stake in these elections is a clear division: who is for Poland, Warsaw as a place where decisions are made, and lower self-government authorities that decide on matters of the commune, poviat and province, and (who is for) Berlin, because it is not really about about Brussels. We will not let you fall from one shoe into another. These elections will be part of the fight for Poland. These will be the most important elections after 1989 – assessed the Deputy Prime Minister.

Kaczyński on “falling from under one shoe into another”TVN24

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He added that the continuation of the current policy, effective in his opinion, depends on the outcome of the election, examples of which are social policy, lowering taxes, and increasing spending on armaments. – It is the power of people who are not perfect, have their faults and make mistakes, but have good will and are Polish patriots. And they are not boys in short panties,” Kaczyński said.

Kaczyński: Civic Platform is a new commune

The rulers, according to Kaczyński, “must be tough Polish patriots, and not like flags, one day: open borders, the next day: down with immigrants.” – When it comes to immigrants, we have a clear position: no, that’s it. But we need your support, so we need a referendum.

– Today Civil Platform) this is simply an old commune, these are the same people very often, they defend the secret police and their very high pensions, together with the courts – said the PiS president.

Jarosław Kaczyński at the Family PicnicPAP/Pawel Topolski

– SLD is already dead. The left, the organized one, is so-so, barely breathing, and the real commune today is PO. Only those were “Moscow”, and those were “Berlin” – said Kaczyński. – We have to defend Poland and I believe that with your help we will defend Poland – he added.

Kaczyński: Civic Platform is a real commune today

Kaczyński: Civic Platform is a real commune todayTVN24

Kaczyński: the task of power is to serve

The deputy prime minister said that PiS politicians attend meetings all over Poland in order to “talk about the needs and expectations of Poles”. – We, our program, the one that we will announce in some time – not so long – we want to be consulted – he said. – We want to hear from citizens, from our compatriots, (…) what is needed, what they want – he added, and it is about “not only big issues, but also smaller ones, often very local”.

The PiS president said that the authorities are also there to deal with such matters. – The job of power is to serve. Not to serve any specific, privileged group, some elite in quotation marks or very rich people, but to serve everyone, the whole nation, he continued.

The national community, said the PiS leader, “cannot be fiction, it must be an action aimed at making people better and better”.

Main photo source: TVN24

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