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Jarosław Kaczyński about “kicking the neck” of women. Dagmara Adamiak heard many comments on the immunity committee. The activist and lawyer comments

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I expect basic respect, I expect to be treated with dignity. Unfortunately. I didn’t get it – said lawyer and activist Dagmara Adamiak in “Fakty po Faktach”. She attended a meeting of the parliamentary committee. Demanding permission to waive Jarosław Kaczyński’s immunity, she heard many comments. – I do not want Polish politics to look like this. I don’t want to be treated like this by the authorities of my country. I don’t agree with that, she said.

Lawyer and activist, founder of the RÓWNIE Foundation and initiator of the Truth Campaign, Dagmara Adamiak, spoke in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 about her participation in the parliamentary rules committee, parliamentary affairs and immunity.

After Adamiak filed a private indictment against Jarosław Kaczyński for words about “giving in the neck” by women, the committee dealt with the case of the PiS president’s immunityand her deliberations were emotional. Mark Suski (PiS) assessed that the deputy prime minister’s statement did not apply to Adamiak. “Unless you’re actually punching the neck and feeling offended.” But you seem like a person who is hardly a drinker,’ he said. Others PiS deputies they considered it a “political attack” on the president, and Kaczyński’s statement was a “sociological analysis” that he had “respect for women” and “it is difficult to assume that he wanted to offend them in any way.” Bartosz Kownacki argued that the reasons for not getting pregnant are alcohol, drugs, age or obesity.

Finally on the committee rejection was recommended request for waiver of immunity. In accordance with this recommendation, he did so later the Sejm.

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Fragments of the meeting of the parliamentary committee that dealt with the request for consent to waive Kaczyński’s immunityTVN24

Adamiak: It pisses me off, it hurts me

Adamiak told TVN24 about how she felt at the meeting of the parliamentary committee. “It pisses me off, I have to admit it pisses me off, it hurts me. It is so unfair, so hurtful, so humiliating that people who represent citizens say such things to us, to these citizens – she said in “Fakty po Faktach”.

She assessed that if a parliamentarian also does his job with her money, then she has the right to “expect something” from him. – I expect basic respect. I expect dignity, dignified treatment. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it,” she admitted.

Referring to the course of the committee meeting, she said: – I do not want Polish politics to look like this. I don’t want to be treated like this by the authorities of my country. I don’t agree.

“Polish women must feel safe, treated with dignity and have a decent life to decide to have children”

The TVN24 guest reminded that Zbigniew Dolata, MP in the Sejm, said that Kaczyński’s words “was a sociological analysis”. – What researcher in a sociological analysis, in some scientific study, uses the terms “kick in the neck” and says such things? It is inconceivable,” she commented.

– Why do women in Poland not have children? I wrote it down because there’s a lot of it. What PiS has done to women for the last eight years is (reason – ed.) why the demographics are at a totally low level and are unfortunately decreasing all the time – she continued. – This is a tightening of the right to abortion. It’s a prescription morning-after pill. It also pointed to the level of availability of contraception or the withdrawal of funding for the Center for Women’s Rights.

– This is an attempt to terminate the anti-violence convention. This is taking over the documentation from the private office of doctor (Maria) Kubisa, a gynecologist from Szczecin. Withdrawal of in vitro funding. Deepening stereotypes through, for example, (Przemysław) Czarnek, who talked about female virtues. Rejection of the act on changing the definition of rape, which women have been demanding for years, because today convictions for rape are completely ineffective. There are no nurseries and kindergartens in many communes, still all over Poland, Adamiak enumerated.

Adamiak: Why don't women in Poland have children?  I wrote it down because there's a lot of it

Adamiak: Why don’t women in Poland have children? I wrote it down because there’s a lot of itTVN24

She also mentioned the deaths of women in childbirth. – 14 percent of women in Poland receive anesthesia during childbirth. Because they don’t get that anesthesia, it’s a huge pain. And also 40 percent of women in Poland decide to have a C-section because they are afraid of giving birth naturally. These are terrifying figures. These are the realities of life in Poland for women, added the activist and lawyer.

– I know that this government would like us to go back in time, because they think that by enslaving women they will lead to the fact that we decide to have children. Those times won’t come back. Polish women must feel safe, they must feel treated with dignity and they must have a dignified life to decide to have children, she stressed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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