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Jarosław Kaczyński about “kicking the neck” of women. Sejm against the waiver of immunity

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The Sejm rejected a request for consent to bring Jarosław Kaczyński, the deputy prime minister and PiS president, to criminal charges. The application of the private prosecutor, activist Dagmara Adamiak, concerned his words about women “giving in the neck”. 238 MPs voted against the proposal.

Earlier application the Sejm’s Rules, Deputies’ Affairs and Immunities Committee gave a negative opinion.

The motion was also lost in the vote at the Thursday session of the Sejm – 238 deputies voted against the motion, including PiS deputiesKukiz’15, Polish Affairs and non-associated (Zbigniew Ajchler, Lukasz Meza and Bogusław Sonik) and five deputies from the Confederation (five more from the Confederation abstained from voting).

With permission to pull Jarosław Kaczyński 192 MPs voted for criminal liability, including KO and Lewicy clubs, Polish 2050 and Lewica Demokratyczna circles, and 19 MPs from the Polish-PSL Coalition. Four KP deputies abstained from voting. It was required to consent to holding an MP accountable absolute majority 231 deputies.

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Kaczyński about “giving in the neck” of women

During a speech in Ełk in November 2022, PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński spoke about the problem of alcoholism, especially among young women. – If, for example, the situation persists that until the age of 25 girls and young women drink as much as their peers, then there will be no children. Remember that a man needs to drink excessively for an average of 20 years to become an alcoholic. One shorter, the other longer, because it depends on individual characteristics, and a woman only two – he noted.

Kaczyński said that he was not a supporter of “very early motherhood” because “a woman must mature to be a mother.” – But if he hits the neck by the age of 25, I’m joking a bit, but it’s not a good prognosis in these matters – assessed the PiS president.

These words became the basis for the accusation of activist Dagmara Adamiak, who in April accused Kaczyński of defamation (Article 212 of the Criminal Code). As she assessed, these words were humiliating for her and other young women in Poland without children.

Kaczyński: if the state of young women continues to drink as much as their peers, there will be no childrenTVN24

Adamiak: what Kaczyński said was painful, humiliating, cruel

On Wednesday, after the meeting of the parliamentary commission, Dagmara Adamiak admitted to the TVN24 reporter that she expected her application to be rejected, but she really wanted to “express what she feels as a citizen.” – What Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński said was painful, humiliating, cruel for me and for many young women in Poland who want to have children, but, for example, are infertile – she said. – I am a clerk, I am a graduate, I was still learning until I was 25 – she emphasized.

Dagmara Adamiak after the vote in the committee on the immunity of Jarosław Kaczyński

Dagmara Adamiak after the vote in the committee on the immunity of Jarosław KaczyńskiTVN24

She also admitted that “what happened at the commission was very sad”. – For the first time I had the opportunity to participate in something like this at all and unfortunately I am not surprised that these gentlemen believe that Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński did not humiliate me. Because, in fact, they humiliated me all the time on this committee. They said really terrible things. They questioned my knowledge, my education, who I am. It was really very sad – continued Adamiak.

She added that she would count on an apology from the deputy prime minister. “I wish he’d just say he’s sorry to my face and not act like that,” she said.

The parliamentary committee dealt with the request for permission to waive Kaczyński's immunity

The parliamentary committee dealt with the request for permission to waive Kaczyński’s immunityTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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