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Jarosław Kaczyński about the PiS election result, Morawiecki’s mission to form a government and the state of his health

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It is a task that is done in silence and should be done in silence. Only under this condition can it be effective – said the president of Law and Justice, Jarosław Kaczyński, referring to talks with other groups about a potential agreement to support Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. As the politician said, “the mission to form a government will refer to the facts and interests of the party.”

In an interview conducted by PAP, the president of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski he was asked, among other things, about his health condition due to his absence at the meeting with party MPs and senators.

– It’s better now. I will give a special speech (on Friday, on the occasion of Independence Day – ed.). I am going to talk about the new situation that Poland finds itself in due to the plans of the European Union. If my health is good, I will give a more fundamental speech developing this problem the next day in Krakow in the “Sokół” hall – said Kaczyński.

Kaczyński on the PiS election result: our opponents managed to distort reality in the media

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When asked to assess his party’s electoral result, the politician said that “PiS won with a good result.” – We won the fourth out of seven elections parliamentary meetings in which it participated Law and Justice. The goal was to obtain a full majority – 231 votes. It didn’t work out. We will calmly analyze the reasons. But this cannot be done by those who do not have full knowledge, they say things that are detached from the facts, including those from polls: when the support of our party increased and when it decreased – commented Kaczyński.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Jarosław Kaczyński and Mariusz BłaszczakPAP/Paweł Supernak

As he said, “the situation from 2007 has repeated itself.” – Our opponents managed to distort reality in the media, causing a large part of society to react against us. They did it using more brutal and vulgar methods than then. However, we have a mission to form a government. It is very difficult, but you have to fight until the end, he said.

In this context, he was asked whether he saw any chance of forming a government under his leadership Mateusz MorawieckiKaczyński replied that “this is not a mission of death.”

– At most, it may end with failing to obtain a vote of confidence, which is nothing special in a democracy. This mission will refer to facts and the situation in the European Union. It will refer to the real interests of political formations, which do not necessarily have to be consistent with the interests of PO. The final decisions regarding the assessment of interests are made by the heads of these formations, said the PiS leader.

When asked whether there was anyone to contact regarding a possible coalition, Kaczyński said he did not want to speculate on this matter. – This is a task that is carried out in silence and should be carried out in silence. Only under this condition can it be effective, he added.

Main photo source: PAP/Paweł Supernak

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