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Jarosław Kaczyński and Julia Przyłębska. PiS president asked about his acquaintance: if I manage to write a diary…

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I’m getting older, if I manage to write my diaries, there may be private elements, but at the moment I can only talk about public ones – said PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński when asked if he was meeting Julia Przyłębska privately.

On Wednesday, the Sejm adopted a resolution on eliminating the effects of the constitutional crisis of 2015-2023 in the context of the activities of the Constitutional Tribunal. The Lower House of Parliament states, among other things, that: Julia Przyłębskasince December 2022, when her term expired, she has not been the president of the Constitutional Tribunal.

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The resolution of the Sejm proposed by the members of the government coalition and adopted by their votes also states that Mariusz Muszyński, Justyn Piskorski and Jarosław Wyrembak are not judges of the Constitutional Tribunal. The resolution also includes an appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal judges “to resign and thus join the process of democratic changes.”

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Is Kaczyński meeting privately with Przyłębska? The PiS president responds

President of PiS Jaroslaw Kaczynski was asked by TVN24 reporter Jan Piotrowski whether the Sejm resolution changes anything and whether it will be followed by further steps. – This is not a question for me, ladies and gentlemen, but for those who are constantly demolishing the Polish state today in order to ultimately destroy it through this new European treaty – he replied.

– Change Poland into an area inhabited by Poles, but ruled from the outside. So it’s just something like a colony, or even less than a colony. This is simply the task of this government, and in particular its prime minister, i.e. (Donald – ed.) Tusk – he continued.

The PiS president was also asked whether he still meets privately with Julia Przyłębska. – Ladies and gentlemen, in my private life, I will respond to you if I still manage to write my diaries – because I am already old. There may be private elements, but at the moment I can only talk about public ones, said Jarosław Kaczyński.

Jarosław Kaczyński and Julia Przyłębska

– I have many friends who are not involved in politics. My “social discovery” of recent years, a really nice person, Julia Przyłębska. She is the president of the Constitutional Tribunal, but these are quite private connections. I really like visiting her – these words of PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński in the “Question for Breakfast” program on TVP caused a political storm in May 2019. Especially since the previous president of the Constitutional Tribunal was accused by right-wing politicians of having “excellent relations” with PO politicians.

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Social confession of President Kaczyński. The opposition talks about a conflict of interestsJulia Przyłębska is a great “social discovery”. The President of the Constitutional Tribunal is among the PiS president’s close friends. Jarosław Kaczyński honestly admits on state television that he really likes visiting her privately. The opposition quite formally asks about these relations and sees a conflict of interest in them.Katarzyna Kowalska | Facts in the afternoon

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