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Jarosław Kaczyński announced a referendum on the relocation of refugees

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PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, during his Thursday speech in the Sejm, referred to the issue of relocation of migrants in the European Union. – We will not agree to this, the Polish nation does not agree to this – he declared. He added that this issue “must be the subject of a referendum.” – And we will organize this referendum – he announced.

Thursday is another day of the four-day sitting of the Sejm, during which deputies discuss, among others, draft resolution on the proposal to introduce an EU migrant relocation mechanism. The Senate committee approved the bill on Wednesday. The project opposes the so-called the migration pact, introducing mechanisms for the mandatory relocation of migrants in the countries of the European Union.

Kaczyński: this is a dispute that will determine the future of the European Union

Jaroslaw Kaczynski during a speech in the Sejm, he said that this is a dispute that “will determine the future of the European Union and our future”. He assessed that “this is a decision contrary to the Treaties”.

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– Let me remind you that in 2018 this case was to be included in the conclusion with the opposition of three countries: Poland, Hungarian and Czech. It did not enter, which means that it was negatively resolved. Now it is coming back, so also the stability of the decision is undermined here. This is something that concerns the European Union, is one of the elements of its crisis, but also concerns Poland, because it is difficult to operate in an organization where decisions are constantly changing, including those that should be final decisions in the light of the treaties – said the president PIS.

Jarosław Kaczyński in the Sejm on migration policy

– There is also another consideration that must be treated as very important. This is a consideration relating to some specifics of this decision. This context is everything that happened in Poland after the outbreak of the war, after Putin’s attack on Ukraine continued Kaczynski. He pointed out that Poland then accepted “several million refugees, and about one and a half million permanently.”

– If you multiply this by EUR 22,000, it will amount to between twenty and thirty billion euros. And when it comes to the help we have received, it is one hundred euros per inhabitant, if you count very well. This is a mockery of Poland, this is discrimination, said Kaczyński. – We will not agree to this, and neither does the Polish nation. And that must be the subject of a referendum. We will organize this referendum. Poles must express their opinion on this matter, said the president of Law and Justice.

EU “migration pact”

The so-called migration pact contains, among other things, a system of “mandatory solidarity”. It consists in the fact that while “no Member State will ever be obliged to relocate”, “a minimum annual number of relocations will be set from Member States from which most people enter the EU to Member States less exposed to this type of arrivals” .

This number was set at 30,000. “While the minimum annual number of financial contributions will be set at EUR 20,000 per relocation. These numbers can be increased if necessary, and situations where the need for solidarity is not foreseen in a given year will also be taken into account” – we read in the communication of the EU Council . In fact, as a high-ranking EU diplomat who participated in the negotiations explained to PAP, this means a choice between relocation of migrants and a financial equivalent in the event of a lack of willingness to accept them.

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