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Jarosław Kaczyński at the PiS convention. He talked about expenses, announced mobilization

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On Saturday, at the Law and Justice convention in Marki, Jarosław Kaczyński, deputy prime minister, president of PiS spoke. A large part of his speech was devoted to economic issues, including rising inflation. – Inflation will be brought under control and I hope it will not be a very distant date – he said. He also referred to the war in Ukraine and announced the mobilization of his party members. Kaczyński’s words were commented on by TVN24 journalists – Łukasz Lipiński from “Polityka” and Roman Imielski from “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Professor Witold Orłowski, PwC’s chief economic advisor, referred to the issues related to the economy in Kaczyński’s speech.

A convention was held on Saturday in Marki near Warsaw Law and Justice. – We are meeting today in a special situation. This is the 101st day of the heroic, heroic, extremely determined, and incredibly brave fight of the Ukrainian people for freedom, for independence, for the territorial whole, for their land and for the right to exist, because the invaders of Ukrainians refuse this right – said Jarosław Kaczyński, PiS president.

– This fight, these 101 days of glory inspires hope, is a great inspiration, but also reflects on our patriotism – continued the PiS president. – We must remember, and the Ukrainians especially remind us that patriotism is not only an emotion, it is a commitment, a commitment to act – he emphasized.

– We had both a political and moral obligation – resulting from a realistic assessment of our own interests and security – to take steps to Ukraine she defended herself – said Kaczyński. He drew attention to “a great humanitarian action”, he said that the Polish state and society had done “an incredible thing” – accepting 3 million refugees from Ukraine without organizing refugee camps.

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Jaroslaw KaczynskiPAP / Radek Pietruszka

Kaczyński on the economy

In his speech, the President of Law and Justice devoted a lot of space to economic issues. – Today – I am talking about the year 2021 – the state budget revenues are higher by PLN 205.7 billion than in 2015, and the revenues of the entire public finance sector by PLN 406 billion. This is a huge difference – in the first case an increase by 70 percent, and in the second by about 60 percent – said Kaczyński during the speech.

According to Kaczynskiin order to do anything in state and social life, you need money. – And secondly, let us remember that our opponents, when they were in power, (…) kept saying that there was no money. Of course, I was talking about the years 2007-2015 [rządów PO-PSL – przyp. red.]that there is no and will not be, that therefore nothing can be done – said the president of PiS.

Referring to the financial situation of Polish families, Kaczyński said that “expenditure on the family, or more precisely – mainly on children – increased by PLN 200 billion, and this year – 2022 – in one year it will be over PLN 62 billion” . He assured that PiS “did not forget about seniors as well.” – Here (…) we have an unprecedented increase – from PLN 3.6 billion to PLN 44 billion. This year, in 2022, looking at these years, for the 13th retirement alone, we spent PLN 43.8 billion, perhaps PLN 11.4 billion on the 14th (retirement pension) – he said.

Speaking about spending on health care, the deputy prime minister assessed that the COVID-19 pandemic played a role here. – But everything indicates that this will be an increase from PLN 77 billion in 2015 to – as it is currently forecast – PLN 160 billion, including covid expenses, in 2022 – he said. – This is really gigantic growth, and in 2024 it will be 6 percent of GDP, and in 2027 – 7 percent – he added.

Kaczyński also spoke about the increase in expenditure on employee policy. – Minimal [pensja – przyp. red.] from PLN 1,750 to over PLN 3,000, with the prospect of PLN 4,000. Average salary from PLN 4123 to PLN 6637. This is April to April between 2015 and 2022, he said. Kaczyński assessed that this was a huge progress, even taking into account inflation.

Orłowski: Kaczyński noticed the problem of inflation, but did not see a link with expenditure

Professor Witold Orłowski, PwC’s chief economic advisor, referred in an interview with TVN24 to Jarosław Kaczyński’s speech at the PiS convention in Marki. He said the PiS chairman’s mention of increased spending “alarmed” him. – Of course, I notice the fact that President Kaczyński praised on the one hand, and on the other hand also spoke about the shortcomings, that he noticed the problem of, for example, rising inflation – he said. The impression was that he did not notice that there was any connection between them. Inflation is there, it came from somewhere, out of nowhere, money spent is a completely different matter – he said.

The journalist from Polityka, Łukasz Lipiński, also mentioned the mention of the increased expenses on TVN24. – What puzzled me was such an interesting greps, for which Jarosław Kaczyński bent down, that is, he did not talk about every field, what PiS did exactly there, only here for health, for this, we increased our spending so much. Nobody remembered these numbers, but in general, if we increased our expenses, it should be better – he added. – It was a very interesting runaway greps that we raised our expenses everywhere, but on the other hand, when people start thinking about the details, they may have more and more doubts – he explained.

Referring to rising prices and combating inflation, Kaczyński recalled in his speech that PiS decided to lower VAT on fuel and gas, but also on oil. Referring to the situation of borrowers and low interest rates on deposits, he said that the PiS government “entered into dialogue” with banks. – And we will have, we are starting to have much higher interest on deposits or deposits than before. This is very important for fighting inflation, he said. He added that it is worth continuing this dialogue, and sometimes it is also worth giving up something, “to make things better in the future, because inflation really destroys it.”

Jarosław Kaczyński on inflationOrganizer photos

Kaczyński said that there will be more “new ideas” in the fight against inflation. – Inflation will be brought under control and I hope that it will not be a very distant date. We have to do it, because the prospect of, for example, Turkey – 60 percent. inflation – it is a prospect for the economy, really devastating for households – he added.

Orłowski: It bodes darkly for economic policy

Professor Orłowski noted in an interview with TVN24 that the PiS president did not say how to fight the rising inflation. “We just heard that there are completely new ideas here,” he added. He stated that “this is what the prime minister is for, explaining to the president what the matter looks like”.

– We heard one answer in the style of President Kaczyński, that actually some others, over whom we have no power and with whom we negotiate, are responsible for inflation – he commented. He added that “this is probably some trace of the suggestion that it is entrepreneurs that are really responsible for inflation, that it is companies that are raising prices.” At the same time, he assessed that “if this is really the knowledge of President Kaczyński about the economy, if the prime minister does not correct him, then he would see it very badly”. “It is obviously not companies that are responsible for inflation,” he added.

According to Orłowski, it could also be a suggestion that banks are responsible for inflation. – If president Kaczyński thinks so, it bodes quite blackly for economic policy, because it is not banks that are responsible for inflation – he said.

Publicists on Kaczyński’s speech

Roman Imielski from “Gazeta Wyborcza” stated that he was disappointed that only Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński appeared, and not, for example, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. – This confirmed that the Law and Justice has no idea for another term of office, because the president for almost an hour was listing things that the government of Beata Szydło, and now Mateusz Morawiecki, had already done for citizens and, as he strongly emphasized, makes us different from political opponents – stated.

He judged that we “heard nothing new” about issues that directly affect citizens, such as rising prices and loan installments. – Any announcements that the government will operate on the coal market so that some of the poorest people, who still use fuel in furnaces, do not feel such a sharp rise in prices – he said. “It was a very disappointing, defensive, backward, not forward-directed speech,” concluded the columnist.

"Law and Justice has no idea for another term"

“Law and Justice has no idea for another term”TVN24

Łukasz Lipiński from Polityka pointed out that this was a speech to Kaczyński’s party activist and the most ardent supporters. “He wasn’t speaking to voters at this stage,” he added.

– It is not yet the stage of the campaign when new ideas are submitted. It was PiS politicians who said very clearly that there will be no new ideas here and it has actually been fulfilled. This speech was supposed to mobilize party activists, which, as we hear from Nowogrodzka, completely spread to all sides for the next campaign, Lipiński assessed.

"Kaczynski did not speak to voters at this stage"

“Kaczynski did not speak to voters at this stage”TVN24

Kaczyński on housing policy: not everything has turned out

The Law and Justice leader also argued that the PiS government “broke a record” when it comes to housing policy. – 235,000 apartments in 2021, this is the best result since 1979 – said Kaczyński, stating that at the end of Edward Gierek’s era there were more apartments, about 300,000, but these were “different apartments, with a different class and a different space. “. He also admitted that in terms of housing construction “not everything came out”.

– From the Apartment Plus only 18,000 built and 24,000 under construction, that is a total of 42,000 apartments, and there should be many, many more. We could be satisfied with the situation if these flats were delivered one and a half times more, i.e. about 350,000, and very pleased if they were given twice as much, because if you look at the history of countries that were then much poorer than today’s Poland, because that’s what it is all about. by the 1960s and countries such as Spain or Greece, we would have to recognize that only those 470,000 would allow us to equalize the then close Greek and Spanish results – said the PiS president. He added that Poland can afford it, but it is “still ahead of us”.

Jarosław Kaczyński on the implementation of the Mieszkanie plus program

Jarosław Kaczyński on the implementation of the Mieszkanie plus programOrganizer photos

Kaczyński: I announce the mobilization of PiS and the United Right

Kaczyński said that in 6.5 years the PiS government went through very difficult tests, and this would mean that “we have a good government”. In this context, he assessed that both the former Prime Minister Beata Szydło and the current Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki managed to do it. – Poles should do everything as citizens and voters so that this government could continue its mission. But it also depends on us, because there are facts and stories – he emphasized.

In this context, he referred to the media and assessed that pluralism had been restored in them, although “it is not full yet”. He pointed out that in some media “we hear a story about a defeat, about the fact that everything is wrong”. – It’s hard to talk about all this, because it’s a shame. One must spare this shame, “he said.” Although this does not mean, of course, that we do not make mistakes and that we are without sins. They say that about themselves, we do not say that, “he interjected.” And who is to tell it, if not us, if not the party, we have to do it, which is why I announce the mobilization of PiS and the entire United Right, called Kaczyński.

Jarosław Kaczyński speaks at the PiS conventionorganizer materials

– But this is not a slogan, it is a tour of the country – an old, tried-and-tested method – he said and added that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will start the tour on Saturday. – Thank you, Mateusz – he said.

These words of the deputy prime minister and PiS president were commented on by Roman Imielski from “Gazeta Wyborcza” on TVN24. – At the end, he actually said “let’s go to Poland, because this is our greatest strength to talk to people and actually let them serve more, but of the same”. I do not know if this is what Poles and Poles expect in the polls – assessed the journalist.

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