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Jarosław Kaczyński before the Pegasus commission. Krzysztof Brejza comments: it looks like a huge obsession with Brejzas

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The scale of lies and hatred towards me and my family from Jarosław Kaczyński is huge, said PO MEP Krzysztof Brejza, referring to the PiS president's statement before the Pegasus special committee. According to the MEP, Kaczyński “gave the impression of being impregnated by any facts.” – I believe that this slanderer will be held accountable – he added.

President PIS Jaroslaw Kaczynski On Friday, he testified before the parliamentary investigative committee on Pegasus. The topic of the current MEP came up several times during the meeting Krzysztof Brejza (PO), who in 2019 as the head of the Civic Coalition's electoral staff he was under surveillance with Pegasusalthough no proceedings were pending against him and he had no charges.

The testimony also included the figure of Ryszard Brejza, the president of Inowrocław and the father of an MEP. In February 2022, a local government official also announced that he had Amnesty International confirmed that his phone had been tapped 10 times in 2019, when his son was the head of the election campaign.

Krzysztof Brejza commented on Friday's hearing of the PiS president on Platform X. “A comment on today's outburst of J. Kaczyński's obsession with the Brejz family. I am convinced that the commission will soon reveal the reasons for Kaczyński's massive attack on me and my father (an underground activist in the 1980s). There has not been such a nefarious operation of the services since the times of the Polish People's Republic (spelling original – ed.),” he wrote on the social media platform.

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He attached a short recording to the entry. He said that “the scale of lies and hatred towards me and my family from Jarosław Kaczyński is huge.” – It looks like some huge obsession with Brejza. This is his line of defense. This amount of lies and slander is directly proportional to the number of omissions and violations of the law by Kaczyński's team in the Pegasus case – he added.

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“I believe this slanderer will be held accountable.”

– During the committee meeting, the members tried to make him realize that he was lying and insulting me, my father, Ryszard Brejza, and other people. But Kaczyński went through it and once again repeated nonsense that had been repeatedly verified by the courts, including judges from the neo-National Council of the Judiciary, Brejza continued.

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In his opinion, the PiS president “gave the impression of being impervious to any facts confirmed in court judgments and judgments.” – But also impregnated with the facts presented to him in a logical and simple way by the committee members. He didn't seem to notice them at all, he said.

As the MEP said, “I have no doubt that this is a line of defense that is intended to ensure impunity for him, and politically to convince the strongest PiS electorate that the law and good customs have not been broken.” – In the course of further work, the commission will reveal the truth about all Kaczyński's lies and misdeeds. I believe that this slanderer will be held civilly and criminally liable for the repeated violations of the law he committed during today's committee meeting, said Brejza.

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What Kaczyński said about Brejza

Kaczyński argued, among other things, at the committee that the use of Pegasus was legal. – The vast, overwhelming majority, probably 99 percent, of these activities concerned simply ordinary criminals, and perhaps there was a case that it concerned people performing some public functions, but these people are also criminals – he said. He referred to the surveillance of Krzysztof Brejza. – As for the case that is widely known, i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Brejza, according to my knowledge, both of them committed serious crimes. But of course they must be confirmed by the court – said the witness.

Additionally, the chairwoman of the committee Magdalena Sroka asked Kaczyński among others When asked whether he was aware that over a gigabyte of data had been uploaded to Brejza's phone, he replied that it was “fake”. When asked if he knew that the CD containing evidence had been destroyed in the Krzysztof Brejza case, he denied it. – I learned about it now from you – replied the PiS president, turning to Sroka.

Kaczyński: In my opinion, Brejza is desperately defending himself against a situation that would end his political careerTVN24

The PiS president was asked by the vice-chairman of the committee, Marcin Bosacki, about the materials that were allegedly obtained from Brejza's phone, manipulated and then shown on state television.

– I am deeply convinced that in this case the aim was to show the public opinion that a significant, although not in the first row, but still a significant politician of the opposition formation that is currently in power, commits very serious and extremely heinous crimes – he replied.

– In my opinion, Mr. Brejza is desperately defending himself against a situation that would at least end his political career, and perhaps also the political career of his father – he added.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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