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Jarosław Kaczyński called Donald Tusk a “German agent”

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There is a procedure when someone insults someone, said Jarosław Kaczyński, who without a procedure entered the podium after the Sejm’s decision, according to which Donald Tusk was elected head of government. – You are simply a German agent – said the president of PiS to the head of PO. – This type of insults thrown at such a moment and on such a day are strange – commented Szymon Hołownia, Marshal of the Sejm.

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Donald Tusk he was elected prime minister by the majority of the parliament. After the vote, the MPs sang the anthem. – This concludes the consideration of the items on the agenda scheduled for December 11 – announced the Speaker of the Chamber Szymon Hołownia.

Nevertheless, he came to the podium Jaroslaw Kaczynski. – There is a way when someone insults someone – he announced. – Mr. MP, in correction mode? – he asked PiS MP Hołownia.

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– I don’t know who your grandparents were, but I know one thing, you are a German agent, simply a German agent – said Kaczyński, turning to Tusk. At this point, Hołownia appealed to Kaczyński to leave the podium. – This type of insults thrown at such a moment and on such a day are strange, Mr. Kaczyński – commented the Marshal.

PiS MPs chanted: “To Berlin!” Hołownia then announced a 15-minute break in the meeting, announcing that after that the MPs would listen to the politicians who had signed up to make parliamentary statements. – Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, and I apologize for this inappropriate and inappropriate end to this solemn day – he concluded.

Jarosław Kaczyński at the parliamentary rostrumTVN24

Earlier, Tusk, who delivered a speech after the vote, addressed Kaczyński directly because – as he explained – “he owes it to both grandparents.” – Today I heard “To Berlin”, “Für Deutschland”. I heard these words on TV every day. Every day I heard this album, recorded many years ago by Jacek Kurski. When he recorded this record, your brother, Lech Kaczynskihe told me publicly that the world has never seen such a scoundrel as Jacek Kurski after what he did, Tusk said.

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