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Jarosław Kaczyński claims that abortion can be performed “almost on every corner in Warsaw”

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Thousands of women across Poland protested after the Constitutional Court decided to almost completely ban abortion. Thousands protested after the death of Izabela from Pszczyna and protested again after Dorota’s death in the hospital in Nowy Targ. Meanwhile, the PiS president claims that abortion can be performed in Poland on almost every street corner and no one is fighting it.

For women who want to have an abortion in Poland, the president of Law and Justice and the deputy prime minister of the government advises what and how. – I don’t want to exaggerate, but it can be arranged on almost every corner in Warsaw and in many different places, no one fights against it, so holding a referendum on such matters would make sense if, for example, we demanded that it be stopped definitely – said Jarosław Kaczyński .

If this turning a blind eye to reality was to ease the public anger demonstrated across the country after President Kaczyński’s words about the imaginary realityit didn’t work out.

– Such an expert, you know, on abortion, on demographics. He really thinks that what they bring him in the afternoon on cards has anything to do with reality – commented Donald Tusk, the leader of the Civic Platform.

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– I understand that today the president is encouraging Polish women to break the law, because that’s how you can understand the president’s message – says Paulina Hennig-Kloska, member of the Parliamentary Group Poland 2050. – This is the knowledge and awareness of an old bachelor who has no clue about matters women, children’s matters, family matters, therefore he lives in his own bubble and strengthens himself in this bubble every day – comments Urszula Pasławska, MP of the Polish Coalition.

– If he wants to ban abortion even further, because that’s how I read his words, that he would hold a referendum in order to “end it” completely, then I want to say that he will not wait. We, women, will help each other – assures Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, a member of the Left.

Not one more. Protests in over 50 cities in Poland and abroadTVN24

Advice for the president of PiS

Women help each other every day. According to the data of the Abortion Without Borders association, about 120-130 thousand Polish women terminate pregnancy each year in Poland or abroad.

– If you agree that all abortions should be financed by private individuals, arranged by Dutch doctors, then throw yourself in our favor. We will be happy to issue a bill – says Natalia Broniarczyk from the organization Aborcyjny Dream Team.

May he accompany those women who today have to pay for their abortion, who are alone in this experience. They cannot consult their doctor because they are afraid that he will immediately call the prosecutor’s office, points out lawyer Kamila Ferenc from the Foundation for Women and Family Planning “Federa”.

Coming back to the bills, advice directly from PiS regarding the legalization of abortion. – The Polish parliament is elected by the citizens, if the citizens elect a parliament that recognizes the need to amend the constitution in this regard, it will happen. This is one of the most democratic processes – assures Radosław Fogiel, MP from Law and Justice.

Main photo source: PAP/Sebastian Borowski

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