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Jarosław Kaczyński claims that changes in EU treaties mean external rule in Poland

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Jarosław Kaczyński shows his idea of ​​being in the opposition – it is a fight against the European Union. The president of PiS, referring to possible changes in EU treaties, suggests that Poland will be a country managed from the outside. Scaring Germans and making Donald Tusk a German did not help PiS in the elections, but the president sticks to it.

Jarosław Kaczyński set a sharp course for the party on the National Independence Day. For forty-five minutes he explained that Poland would only lose in the European Union and fall under the German thumb. – An area inhabited by Poles, but ruled from the outside – said the president of Law and Justice.

In the context of German domination, the PiS president also talked about the problem of bringing garbage to Poland and the situation when Donald Tusk will rule. – Poland will be poisoned, terrorized by garbage mafias and other mafias – he argued.

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However, the deputy minister of funds and regional policy, Marcin Horała, denies that his party will be anti-EU. – These are pro-EU statements, in the sense of being in favor of the European Union that exists and the one that we have joined – says the politician.

Does President Andrzej Duda think like President Kaczyński? In his Saturday speech, the president emphasized that membership in international organizations is important, but that it must be done with caution. – When looking at how treaty changes are formulated, we should pay close attention to the content – emphasizes Małgorzata Paprocka, Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President.

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Changes to the European Union treaties

The politicians’ statements are related to the European Parliament’s report on possible changes to the treaties. It includes, among other things, a proposal to limit the right of veto in favor of a qualified majority, to give the EU competences in the field of environment and climate, and to expand competences in other areas. Experts emphasize that this is only a proposal and changes to EU treaties are very difficult.

– They require not only unanimous acceptance, but then ratification in each country – explains Marek Truth, former permanent representative of the Republic of Poland to the European Union, adding that Poland does not have to agree to the changes. So all you have to do is say “no” and everything ends up in the trash, which Jarosław Kaczyński may be aware of.

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In the context of the proposals for treaty changes, the PiS president notes that they would have to be approved by the Sejm. – We have blocking power here – he points out. When he says “we”, he means PiS, because the Polish constitution would have to be changed, and without PiS this will not be done, even if the democratic opposition rules.

Opposition MPs suggest that the PiS president may want to strengthen anti-EU attitudes in Poland.

It was the PiS government that may have partly inspired the European Parliament’s report – protection of the rule of law, common standards in education to promote democracy and the rule of law, and common visa standards to prevent trade in residence rights. The same applies to the veto power. – The EU was blackmailed in very difficult moments by the government in Warsaw and the government in Budapest – points out Marek Truth.

The European Union – when the war in Ukraine continues and when the post-war, ruined Ukraine is admitted to the Union – must act efficiently and quickly – commentators emphasize. And they add that no one is fighting for Polish independence.

Main photo source: PAP/Łukasz Gągulski

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