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Jarosław Kaczyński does not want to face Tusk neither in the elections in the same constituency nor in the debate

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There have already been two such prestigious and symbolic duels in Warsaw. Both ended with the defeat of Jarosław Kaczyński and the victory of Donald Tusk. There will be no next one, because the PiS president will not take part in the elections to the Sejm in the capital. The opposition says they are running away because they are afraid. The president explains that it is for the good of the party.

After Jarosław Kaczyński confirmed that in this election for the first time in the history of PiS he would not run from Warsaw, Donald Tusk announced that he would put Roman Giertych in the last place. Roman Giertych confirmed the information. Although Kaczyński’s start from Kielce is unofficial information for now, the PiS president already knows that in this campaign he will face his former deputy prime minister. – Apparently, he is ready (Giertych – editor’s note) to carry out an extremely interesting campaign in which he will use all his knowledge – announces Tusk. – When we here at Campus Poland talk about the future, we get an offer about the past. I do not know if this is the right direction – Robert Biedroń commented on these reports.

Jarosław Kaczyński, when asked if he was running away from the duel with Tusk from Warsaw, answered before Tusk informed Giertych about the start. – What am I afraid of? Lord who lies, lies and lies again? Really, there’s no reason to be afraid. I will be more effective for the party where I stand as a candidate, announced the PiS president.

Tusk to Kaczyński: I will put your deputy prime minister Roman Giertych on our list TVN24

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Fear of debate

The Świętokrzyski district is the second largest district after Warsaw, in which there is a fight for seats in the Sejm, because for as many as 16 deputies. In the previous elections, PiS won as many as 10, and Civic Coalition 3. PiS’s goal is to at least maintain this result. There is a fear in PiS that the party may lose seats to one of the opposition parties. The question about the debate with Donald Tusk is still valid. So far, the PiS president has replied that he would be happy to debate with Manfred Weber, but not with Donald Tusk, who – according to the president – is an assistant to the German politician.

This approach applies not only to the head of the PO, but also to voters. As many as 70 percent of respondents in a poll for Wirtualna Polska would like to see how Tusk and Kaczyński, standing side by side, answer various questions in the election debate. – Escape from the debate is cowardice – believes Włodzimierz Czarzasty, deputy speaker of the Sejm from the New Left.

Main photo source: Piotr Nowak/PAP

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