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Jarosław Kaczyński “got the hang of it only in recent days.” Mateusz Morawiecki's people prevail in the European elections

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Three candidates of Law and Justice in the European Parliament elections from distant places overcame the party frontrunners and won seats. These are MPs Michał Dworczyk, Piotr Mueller and Waldemar Buda. What they have in common is that they are former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's people. – Morawiecki covered Kaczyński's people with huge money. Millions. And Kaczyński caught on, but only in recent days. It was already too late – comments Dariusz Joński from the Civic Coalition. Material of “Facts in the afternoon” on TVN24.

Michał Dworczyk, Piotr Mueller and Waldemar Buda – these names have at least two things in common. All of them won the mandate despite their low positions on the Law and Justice lists in the European Parliament elections, and all of them are close associates of former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

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Buda, from the fifth place on the list in constituency 6 covering the entire Łódź Voivodeship, received more votes than Witold Waszczykowski, who was first on the list, Joanna Lichocka, who was second, or Robert Telus, who was fourth on the list and had the fourth result. In addition, the former minister of investment and development won more votes than all these candidates combined.

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The “one” on the Pomeranian list, Anna Fotyga, despite the personal recommendation of PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, was jumped from fourth place by Piotr Mueller, leaving Marcin Horała, Jarosław Sellin and Kazimierz Smoliński far behind.

Michał Dworczyk, from the third place, overtook Anna Zalewska and Beata Kempa, who started from the second place, who opened the list in district no. 12 (Lower Silesian and Opole Voivodeships).

Buda estimates that “with Jarosław Kaczyński there are also young people who can win elections, but there needs to be a generational change.”

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Results of the European Parliament elections 2024 TVN24

“Kaczyński caught on, but only in recent days”

President Kaczyński prepared the PiS lists in the European elections personally. Moreover, at the very end of the campaign, he directly indicated who should win and what the candidates further down the list should do.

– Our candidates are a kind of army. There are those who are best suited to fight on the front lines under fire. And those who support them. Today, what counts is that for every soldier fighting on the front line, six or seven are needed to support him, he said.

According to Onet journalists, this intervention of the president in the last hours of the campaign was not accidental, because the “front-line soldiers” chosen by him began to report the charge from subsequent ranks.

– Morawiecki covered Kaczyński's people with huge money. Millions. And Kaczyński caught on, but only in recent days. It was already too late – comments Dariusz Joński from the Civic Coalition, who won the mandate of an MEP.

– Foundations associated with PiS policies have often received huge grants of PLN 20-30 million in recent years. Now we know what they were for, says Joński.

– I would like to ask you not to take into account the size of billboards, because some of them are really huge, and the number of banners, because some people actually have a lot of them – Kaczyński appealed on Thursday. Voters clearly didn't listen.

– Indeed, several people supported by the Prime Minister received a mandate, although this was not the case in my district – said future and current PiS MEP Adam Bielan in “Kropka nad i”. – Democracy won – he said.

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“Morawiecki has been sharpening his teeth for a long time to take over Kaczyński's legacy”

Political opponents from the ruling coalition point out that the strong mandate of MEPs associated with the former prime minister is also a strong mandate for him to take over the reins of the party after Jarosław Kaczyński.

– Morawiecki has been sharpening his teeth for a long time to take over the legacy of Jarosław Kaczyński. And he's not the only one, notes future MEP Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus (Left Wing).

This would most likely mean parting with Sovereign Poland. The former prime minister has an exceptionally “rough friendship” with her politicians.

Morawiecki also politely “does not reject” the idea that PiS would choose him as the next presidential candidate. – I am not starting any campaign because decisions on who will run for us will be made only in a few months – Morawiecki said on Sunday.

However, both initiatives may go against the president's plans. Adam Bielan's Republicans have already been absorbed by PiS, and in Zbigniew Ziobro's absence the same may happen with Sovereign Poland. Neither Mateusz Morawiecki nor Beata Szydło may be the party's candidate in the presidential elections.

– My name appears on the list of names in this context when it comes to the Law and Justice camp, but no political decision has been made – said Tobiasz Bocheński. This until recently little-recognized Law and Justice politician has just won a mandate as an MEP.

Author:Tomasz Pupiec, js/adso

Main photo source: PAP

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