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Jaroslaw Kaczynski – health condition. When will the PiS president go to meetings with voters?

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Jarosław Kaczyński’s health condition is the subject of questions and political speculation. In mid-March, PiS politicians began a tour of the country as part of the “Future is Poland” program tour. However, the president of PiS did not start it. Jarosław Kaczyński will appear at meetings with voters within a few weeks, assured Jarosław Krajewski, MP from Law and Justice, in an interview with RMF FM. The PiS president stopped his political activity before Christmas. He spent over two weeks in the hospital where he underwent surgery.

PiS president Jaroslaw Kaczynski announced the inauguration of his party on March 10 at Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw program tour of the ruling party under the slogan “The future is Poland”. – The PiS team will conduct thousands of talks with Poles, which still needs to be arranged for Poland to be stronger and safer – he declared. Law and Justice politicians, including the prime minister Mateusz Morawieckiin the following days, they began meetings with voters. The party’s spokesman, Rafał Bochenek, informed then that several hundred meetings were planned until Easter, including those with Kaczyński.

Jarosław Kaczyński made a statement at the party’s headquartersPAP/Piotr Nowak

The president of Law and Justice has not started the tour yet. Jarosław Krajewski, MP from PiS, was asked on Wednesday about why Jarosław Kaczyński does not participate in meetings with voters. – I think that within a few weeks we will also be able to observe and wait for these meetings with President Jarosław Kaczyński, because they undoubtedly attract attention – he said.

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When asked why the president of Law and Justice is not on the route, he said: – First of all, we have a certain plan for this campaign.

He added that today there is no election campaign.

– At that moment, there were conferences, there were meetings, both of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister Beata Szydło, Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and your prime minister Jacek Sasin Krajewski said. – It will be soon [Kaczyński – przyp. red.] in a few weeks back at these meetings with the Poles, he added.

He said that “the president is active, he coordinates the activities of both the staff and the party Law and Justice“. – I think that Jarosław Kaczyński will enter at the right moment to convince also those who are not convinced to vote for Law and Justice – added the MP of the ruling party.

Jaroslaw KaczynskiPAP

Kaczynski was in the hospital

Kaczyński stopped his political activity before Christmas last year, when he was hospitalized. He stayed there for over two weeks. PiS spokesman informed on December 21 that “it was a visit planned much earlier”. – Everything is going according to plan. So don’t worry, everything is really fine – he answered the TVN24 journalist’s question.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the hospital. PiS spokesman on the health of the party president

At the end of 2019, Kaczyński underwent surgery to implant a knee joint endoprosthesis. He announced then in an interview that he would also have to operate on the other knee.

“Super Express” reported that Kaczyński underwent just such an operation in December last year. According to the daily, the procedure was successful, but this time the head of Law and Justice endured it much worse. Kaczynski left the hospital on January 5.

Jarosław Kaczyński underwent knee surgeryPAP

Fogiel: PiS president ends the recovery process after surgery

At the end of January, PiS MP, former party spokesman Radosław Fogiel, when asked on Radio Zet what shape Kaczyński was in, replied that “still, which is not a secret, he is finishing the recovery process after surgery.” “Soon, I believe, he will be back to regular work,” he added.

When asked when the president of Law and Justice would return to travel around Poland, he said that “it depends on how you feel after the operation, but I think it’s safe to say that this tour will resume in the spring.”

RMF FM, TVN24, PAP, Radio Zet

Main photo source: PAP

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