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Jarosław Kaczyński in Grójec: The Germans did not settle accounts with us after the war. We won’t let it go

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PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński returned to the topic of war reparations from Germany at a meeting with the inhabitants of Grójec. – We are still a creditor of Germany and on a large scale. It is not only about reparations or damages, it is also about moral settlement – he said. He also stated that Germany paid damages to dozens of countries, but not Poland. “And we won’t let it go,” he added.

President of the Law and Justice party Jaroslaw Kaczynski at the Tuesday meeting with the inhabitants of Grójec, he said that “Germany they did not settle accounts with us. “We are still Germany’s creditor on a large scale. It is not only about reparations or damages, it is also about moral settlement,” he argued.

As he said, “Germany is trying to pretend to be a moral power.” – And what happened in Niemcze after the war, with regard to the criminals, of whom there were hundreds of thousands? The entire abolition system was created, i.e. such amnesty and oblivion – he assessed.

– For example, it was recognized that all crimes committed under the then law are not crimes. And the Poles murdered in Oświęcim – not those who died of hard work, hunger, disease, but those who were simply executed – all of them had sentences. The trials lasted a minute or less, but the judges who handed down these sentences were relieved of any responsibility, he continued.

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Meanwhile, as Kaczyński said, all these criminals “deserved the gallows, because then in the post-war period the death penalty was treated as something completely obvious.”

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PiS president: you must not give in to various types of blackmail

According to Kaczyński, this also applies to many other officers who committed serious crimes and held high positions in Germany after the war. – That’s how it was. Reinefarth (Heinz, SS-Gruppenführer – editor’s note), one of the main suppressors and murderers in Warsaw during the Uprising, was even a deputy to the landtag and mayor (Westerland – editor’s note). Nothing was done to him, he continued.

– They disgraced themselves terribly during the war, but also after the war, in democratic Germany, those in the West, they also disgraced themselves. And this must be remembered. And you must have the courage to talk about it. You must not give in to various types of blackmail – he argued.

Kaczyński: Italy received the compensation and we did not. We won’t let it go

Kaczyński also asked the gathered people: – Do you know how many countries Germany paid compensation to? Seventy, for example Mexico.

– And even countries to which they did nothing, in fact, received, maybe little, but some kind of compensation. Italy have received compensation and we have not, he added. – And we will not let it go – said Kaczyński. – They hear us here, they hear what I say and I think that in some embassies, and even in some capitals, they will also hear it – added the President of Law and Justice.

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Main photo source: PAP / Paweł Supernak

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