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Jarosław Kaczyński in Otwock. He talked about the migration pact, same-sex couples, the hate speech act and the European Union

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PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński criticized the migration pact and attacked the migrants themselves, saying that “they pose a threat to security” during an election picnic in Otwock (Masovian Voivodeship). He also mentioned that in Poland we have a “ready law on hate speech” and said that “such laws provide grounds for repression for speaking obvious truths.”

President PIS Jaroslaw Kaczynski met on Sunday with the residents of Otwock during the Law and Justice election picnic. He gave a speech there to the gathered people. There were several rows of benches in front of the stage, but the turnout was not very good, as can be seen in the photos from the event, and many seats remained empty.

Jarosław Kaczyński in Otwockmat. organizer

A moment before Kaczyński entered the stageTVN24

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Kaczyński on migrants: they pose a threat to security, that's obvious

He emphasized how important the events scheduled for June are elections to the European Parliament. However, he also referred to migration issues.

– Not so long ago Donald TuskI will use a colloquial term here, was put in by the president France. A very young politician, maybe that's why he's not fully experienced yet, and that's why he speaks honestly. Well, he said honestly: we forced the countries of Eastern Europe, as he put it, to accept the immigration pact – said Kaczyński.

Kaczyński in OtwockPAP/Albert Zawada

According to the PiS president, this means that “every year we will have to accept tens of thousands” of people illegally crossing the border. – Otherwise we will have to pay – he continued. – But if the European Commission declares a state of emergency, we will no longer be able to pay, we will have to accept. And with some stronger pressure on Europe's borders, this type of emergency is very likely, he said.

Kaczyński on the migration pactTVN24

– At the same time, this decision of the European Union – a decision that Tusk agreed to despite his declarations, even if he was forced to do so, he should not allow himself to be forced – is nothing more than an encouragement to increase the number of these immigrants. Because it is an encouragement for human traffickers, it is an encouragement for those interested, it is an encouragement for… Russiato continue hybrid wars. This is, in short, something that is extremely inappropriate, he continued.

According to Kaczyński, “the fact that immigrants pose a threat to security is obvious and has been proven many times in various places.”

In mid-May The Council of the European Union approved the migration pact. Poland and Poland voted against all its elements Hungary. – Poland will not accept any migrants for this reason – Prime Minister Donald Tusk emphasized several days ago.

The Prime Minister said that the migration pact “adopted in its current form gives Poland the opportunity to avoid any negative consequences.” – Poland will not accept any migrants for this reason. Poland accepted hundreds of thousands of migrants in connection with the Russian-Ukrainian war. We also have tens of thousands of migrants from… Belarus – added.

– This is my task, and I will fulfill this task. Poland will be a beneficiary of the migration pact. We will not pay for anything, we will not have to accept any migrants from other directions, European Union will not impose any migrant quotas on us. However, Poland will effectively enforce financial support from the EU due to the fact that it has become a country hosting hundreds of thousands of migrants, mainly from Ukraine, he said.

Donald Tusk about the migration pact.  Poland voted against and will not accept any migrants for this reason

Donald Tusk about the migration pact. Poland voted against and will not accept any migrants for this reason14/05/2024| Press conference of Prime Minister Donald Tusktvn24

PiS president on the “area where Poles live”

Jarosław Kaczyński also said on Sunday in Otwock that “we are standing in front of some great plan.” – The Grand Plan, which is usually called European, but which is actually German-French. A plan to subordinate European countries, the weaker ones, to the stronger ones, he said. In his opinion, the implementation of such a plan would involve the adoption of new European treaties or the omission of existing ones, and “it will come down to the fact that Poland will no longer be a state, but simply an area where Poles live.”

– The area where Poles live is managed from the outside. That we will be able to choose our governments here, but these governments will implement the decisions of others – he added.

Kaczyński criticizes the draft bill on hate speech

Kaczyński went on to say that “we cannot agree to anything that concerns our identity, our dignity, our pride.”

– Pride as Poles, but also pride simply as people. It's a matter of freedom. In Europe, ladies and gentlemen, freedom is retreating. Retreats. Today, there is much less freedom in Europe than there was 20, 30, or even 40, 50 years ago, he argued.

– Today, for stating the obvious, such as, for example, that two men cannot have children, you can end up in prison. These are some absurdities and madness, but that's how it is. And yet they are trying to introduce it to us in Poland. We already have a ready law on hate speech here, and such laws provide the basis for repression for speaking obvious truths, he said.

On March 27, the website of the Government Legislation Center published a draft amendment to the Penal Code prepared by Ministry of Justice.

Currently, the category of crimes motivated by prejudice includes those committed due to national, ethnic, racial, religious or non-religious affiliation. The authors of the amendment acknowledge that “in the current legal situation, the provisions do not guarantee sufficient protection for all minority groups that are particularly vulnerable to discrimination, prejudice and violence.” Therefore – as we read in the justification for the project – they propose “expanding the catalog of protected characteristics to include further characteristics of a special nature, such as disability, age, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.” At the same time, the penalty for these crimes remained unchanged – up to three years' imprisonment.

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Main photo source: PAP/Albert Zawada

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