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Jarosław Kaczyński on Donald Tusk’s marathon. The head of the PO answers, challenges Mateusz Morawiecki

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Jarosław Kaczyński, announcing a tour of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki around the country, assessed that the head of government still had to run a marathon. In this way, he referred to the words of Donald Tusk, who boasted that he covered the distance of 42 kilometers in 5 hours and 44 minutes. – It is almost a walk, so faster – said the deputy prime minister, PiS president. Tusk in response invited Morawiecki to participate in the marathon.

On Saturday it took place Law and Justice Conventionat which Jarosław Kaczyński announced “mobilization of the entire United Right“- Mr. Prime Minister volunteered, thank you Mateusz. Now all you need to do is run a marathon. But not at 5.44, because it is almost a walk, so faster. But next week I will also be on my way. the way with this story that I tried to present to you. It is supposed to be a tour of the country, an old, tried-and-tested method – he announced.

Kaczyński on Morawiecki: Now all you need to do is run a marathon. But not at 5.44 because it’s almost a walk, so fasterTVN24

Tusk invites Morawiecki to the marathon

Donald Tusk commented on this statement on Monday, at a conference in Biestrzyków in Lower Silesia. – I am impressed with what we heard, or rather what we did not hear, on Saturday at the PiS program convention. I really appreciate the sense of humor. What remains in the memory of this convention is some kind of joke about the marathon, some liked it – said the chairman of the Civic Platform, former prime minister.

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– President Kaczyński did not like my time for these 42 kilometers. He announced that they want to compete in it and imitate me, just like with trips to Poland, in the field. Really be careful with departures, because if you drive in such a limousine cavalcade, it will cost a lot – he said, referring to rising, high fuel prices at stations.

– Marathon? For a moment I imagined both the president and the prime minister, both running in the marathon – continued Tusk. – Honestly, I would give a lot, I would give a can of gasoline for seeing them running. I accept this challenge, go ahead – he added.

He then mentioned that in September in our country “there are certainly several marathons” and suggested: – We can try in September with Prime Minister Morawiecki. If he stands at the starting line, we can somehow tackle, I warn, quite a demanding distance.


Donald Tusk in BiestrzykówPAP / Maciej Kulczyński

5.44 Tusk

In his speech on Saturday, Kaczyński referred to the recording published by Tusk in social media. On the occasion of his 65th birthday, the former prime minister ran a marathon at the Polish seaside. – I am running or rolling into retirement age. Full marathon, my ambitious goal is to run and survive – he announced. On the recording, he presented the individual stages of the run, and finally the finish. The head of the Civic Platform showed that the royal distance, i.e. over 42 kilometers, ran in 5 hours and 44 minutes.

Tusk for help for farmers

Donald Tusk earlier in Biestrzyków, on Monday, visited a farm. At the conference, he drew attention to the competition of agricultural products from Ukraine.

– This is a very significant and interesting thing, and the first signal I received was anxiety about the unexpected competition. So far you have talked about corn, but also about grains that come from Ukraine in general. There is a war, there is a port blockade, and more and more shipments from Ukraine, via Poland, go to other countries. But unfortunately, from the point of view of Polish farmers, this means that some of these cereals and maize will be sold here in Poland at significantly lower prices, and this also means that the profitability of a Polish farmer’s production may turn out to be very troublesome – he said.

– We all want to help – declared the former prime minister. – I was very touched by what you said that, of course, helping Ukraine and Ukrainians is an absolutely undisputed matter, but you have to be able to organize it and this is our common hot appeal that help for Ukraine does not mean any such severe losses for Polish farmers – he added.

Donald Tusk visited a farm in Biestrzyków in Lower SilesiaPAP / Maciej Kulczyński

Donald Tusk visited a farm in Biestrzyków in Lower SilesiaPAP / Maciej Kulczyński

Main photo source: PAP / Maciej Kulczyński

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