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Jarosław Kaczyński on migrants at the border and the construction of a “very serious dam”

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Jarosław Kaczyński, deputy prime minister for security and PiS president, spoke at the conference and spoke about the situation at the border. – There is no pressure from the refugees here. Economic immigrants come, they are actually imported – he said. He assessed that it was “an attempt to put pressure on Poland, but above all on the European Union, to withdraw from various types of sanctions” against Belarus. As a result, he announced that a “very serious dam” would be built at the border.

At the Thursday conference, the head of Law and Justice and the deputy prime minister for security, Jarosław Kaczyński, spoke about the situation at the Polish-Belarusian border. – We discussed the situation at the border, the current situation, various scenarios that may happen, various threats that are visible at the moment and those that are not visible, but may also happen in the future – he reported.

– The representatives of the services have some information about what is in fact, and I want to emphasize this very strongly, a kind of hybrid war waged with our country and, consequently, also with our government, and also with the European Union – he said.

>> Report from the conference by Jarosław Kaczyński

– There is no pressure from the refugees here. Economic immigrants come, they are actually imported. The action is organized by the Belarusian authorities with undoubted support, or at least with the consent of the authorities of the Russian Federation. They are first, it has been clearly established, stored, hosted in Minsk, possibly also in other places, in hotels, and then they are transported by cars, very often by official services, in particular border guards, but it can be assumed that also other services, such as border – he described.

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Jarosław Kaczyński at a conference at the Border Guard postConference of Jarosław Kaczyński, deputy prime minister for security, at the headquarters of the Podlasie Border Guard Unit in Białystok.

Kaczyński pointed out that at this point “it must be strongly emphasized that there is a wide zone in Belarus to which an ordinary Belarusian citizen cannot enter”. – This is a border zone, very closely guarded, with a fence about a kilometer from the border line itself. The very fact that they (migrants – red) are allowed in there is an obvious proof that we are dealing with the activities of the Belarusian state – he said.

“Of course they are not allowed in to be at the border crossing points, only to camp somewhere near the border first, sometimes it’s further away, but usually close, very close,” he added.

He stated that it was “completely tolerated” by the Belarusian services. – These people are then led to where there is a chance to cross the border, and it happens, I cannot say how often, but I saw it in the film that Belarusian officers personally participate in, for example, cutting through barriers, wires, supporting this attempt, in the vast majority of them failed to cross the border – he said.

He added that the Belarusian services did not react to the poor health of migrants. – Everything indicates that you can say it with a very high degree of certainty that especially these people are very often brought to a state of weakness. They do not bear this temperature very well, because they are simply from a different geographic zone – he noted. – In addition to using children, this is the second method that is to force us, i.e. Poland, to accept them – he assessed.

– Everything is almost a cynical and brutal action of the services, but these services do not act on their own initiative. This is an action directly led by President Lukashenka. Our data show that it was planned many months ago, planned as a retaliation for supporting the Belarusian opposition and an attempt to put pressure on Poland, especially the European Union, he repeated.


Jarosław Kaczyński at a conference in BiałystokPAP / Artur Reszko

Kaczyński summed up that this was “an attempt to put pressure on Poland, but above all on the European Union, to withdraw from various types of sanctions, which are difficult for the Belarusian regime.”

– How long will this action take? We are not in a position to settle at the moment. Let me just say that we also discussed the decisions already made, also in the financial sphere, about the construction of a very serious dam there. Not those dams that were created on an ad hoc basis, but one that is really very difficult to cross – he added.

– The European experience of many countries, such as Hungary or Greece, shows that this is the only effective method – he argued.

He explained that the dam would be built “on that part of the border that does not run along the center of the Bug”. He estimated that dams would also be created along the Bug line. – How long will it take? I cannot conclude at the moment. It is still before the final decision as to which companies will build it, but these companies are basically already selected and the model has already been drawn up – he said. He also added that the idea was presented at the meeting of the Security Committee in Warsaw on Wednesday.

Jarosław Kaczyński during the conference

Kaczyński argued at the conference that getting across the border is “an operation for which you have to pay and pay a lot.” – There, these sums for the most luxurious border crossing, in quotation marks, reach even around ten thousand euro – he said. At the same time, he assessed that “at the moment there is a certain discouragement among those who want to cross not to Poland, but to the so far richer than Poland part of Europe”. – This is, one could say, the whole truth about this action. What is, unfortunately, forced by a significant part of the media and a large part of the opposition, is simply a radical failure to follow the truth, he said.

– And I will say this: if the pressure on Lithuania has weakened significantly at the moment, despite the fact that this border is incomparably easier to cross, and then there is already the Schengen area, then the reasons for sure can be found in the fact that a state of emergency was declared there with the support of it can be said that the entire Seym. I am not sure if it was total unanimity or almost total, at least there was no major opposition. Unfortunately, it is different in Poland, and I think the Belarusian authorities and their supporters from Moscow take this into account first and foremost, assessed Kaczyński.

He continued that if at the border “some bad, tragic things happen, and unfortunately they can happen because winter is coming, it can be said that a huge part of the blame for this is borne by those who actually support Lukashenka, his supporters, the Russian Federation and its authorities, personally Putin. ”

– They give them hope that this action will be disintegrating from the point of view of the situation in Poland and, therefore, effective for them at least to some extent – he continued.

Tomasz Praga, Jarosław Kaczyński and Andrzej Jakubaszek at a conference in BiałystokPAP / Artur Reszko

A state of emergency at the Polish-Belarusian border

The border zone with Belarus (183 localities) has been under a state of emergency since September 2. There are numerous restrictions in place there, including a ban on access for journalists, doctors, lawyers and aid organizations, among others.

The state of emergency was declared in response to emerging migrants, mainly from the Middle East and Africa. They are brought in by the Belarusian authorities and sent to the border with Poland. The government maintains that this is part of the hybrid war waged by the regime of Alexander Lukashenka.

Main photo source: PAP / Artur Reszko

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